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Volume 8, Issue 5, October 2023

Open Access
Amado Kaboré
Abstract: Since 2016, Burkina Faso has been faced with growing insecurity that is disrupting the state's ability to provide adequate education services. Armed attacks that were initially directed against the security forces are now deliberately targeting schools and those involved in them. Against this backdrop, the need to protect s [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (341 K)   September 12, 2023    14 Downloads   106 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880474
Open Access
Panagiotes Anastasiades, Konstantinos Kotsidis, Christos Synnefakis, Alexia Spanoudaki
Abstract: The emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Greece resulted in the suspension of all schools both in spring (March-May) and in winter (November-December) in 2020. Teachers of all levels of education (165,000), were called upon to respond to the Emergency Remote Teaching needs of students in a short period of time. During the [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (562 K)   September 18, 2023    16 Downloads   68 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880457

Volume 8, Issue 4, August 2023

Open Access
Ana Henriques, Hélia Oliveira, Leonor Santos
Abstract: Mathematical reasoning (MR), highlighted in curricular orientations, is a necessary students’ skill in mathematical learning. As the knowledge to promote this skill is limited and challenging for teachers practices, is required to use adequate design principles in pre-service teacher education to develop PTs mathematical an [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (197 K)   August 1, 2023    13 Downloads   214 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880455
Open Access
Maya Shalom, Efrat Luzzatto, Zehavit Gross
Abstract: The Holocaust is regarded as the worst crime against humanity and violation of human rights in modern history. The need to pedagogically present and engage with the heritage of the Holocaust is a complex and emotionally charged challenge that many teachers have to face. It is often referred to as difficult knowledge. This s [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (232 K)   August 1, 2023    13 Downloads   223 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880452
Open Access
Xin Hu
Abstract: VR has advantages in simulating the real context, and its application in the field of education has attracted increasing attention. This research aims to explore the possibility of combining VR technology with basic English education and its impact on learning interest and effect. The study discusses that VR can be combined [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (572 K)   August 15, 2023    12 Downloads   191 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880460

Volume 8, Issue 3, June 2023

Open Access
Bernard Y.N. Ng, Daisy M.H. Chen, Jessie S.W. Tse, Rebecca K. Y. Lee
Abstract: Animated pedagogical agents (APAs) are increasingly developed in the educational field to motivate students’ learning and improve learning outcomes. However, dissociation between teachers and the courseware engineers during APA development has been a known limitation. Therefore, a student-centered approach by a three-party [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (527 K)   June 5, 2023    23 Downloads   317 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880439
Open Access
Dewu Huang, Jianying Wang
Abstract: Practical teaching is an important part of course teaching, and ideological and political education is an important part of course ideological and political construction. How to integrate ideological and political education elements into practical teaching is the core of course education. As one of the core courses of surve [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (265 K)   June 9, 2023    23 Downloads   254 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880440
Open Access
Stavissky Yuliya
Abstract: The current study adopted a model from immigration literature in order to equate the transition of teachers to digital teaching environments to geographical immigration. The study focused on teachers’ hybrid (digital and traditional) identity as digital immigrants during their “immigration” process and examined the role of [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (722 K)   June 25, 2023    25 Downloads   306 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880447

Volume 8, Issue 2, April 2023

Open Access
Zhou Yuanxiang, Yang Jiawen, Liu Huayan, Ma Yingqi
Abstract: With the advent of digital economy, statistics is gradually integrated with the rapidly developing emerging technologies such as big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. The demand for high-level, complex and practical applied statistics talents from government, enterprises and institutions has increased. I [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (146 K)   March 12, 2023    27 Downloads   356 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880409
Open Access
Yan Liang, Tongtong Guo, Jian Yang
Abstract: Based on the self-determination theory process model, we explored the cor-relations between the latent constructs of psychological need satisfaction, motivational regulation, and leisure-time physical activity. College athletes (n=300) between 18 and 25 years of age completed a test battery on motivational aspects based on [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (394 K)   April 17, 2023    17 Downloads   328 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880424
Open Access
Dr. Stavissky Yuliya
Abstract: This study adopted a model from the immigration literature and viewed the transformation of teachers into the digital world as immigration – resembles geographical immigration. The study focused on teachers’ hybrid (digital and traditional) identity as digital immigrants during their immigration and examined the role of inn [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (743 K)   May 4, 2023    18 Downloads   276 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880431

Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2023

Open Access
Shannon Treadville, Laveria Hutchison, Tyrone Tanner
Abstract: Dyslexia intervention, which is needed for one in five children worldwide, and culturally responsive teaching practices (CRT) require explicit instruction for implementation with elementary students with dyslexia characteristics. Culturally responsive teaching practices recognize the importance of including the cultural bac [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (250 K)   January 25, 2023    16 Downloads   523 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88389
Open Access
Yanjing Li, Ping Yang
Abstract: The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) has promoted the reform of higher education in the form of a technological revolution. The internal mechanism of the development of the higher education system and the intervention of the external environment have promoted the development of higher education with the tim [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (249 K)   February 8, 2023    23 Downloads   438 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880398
Open Access
Li Jinquan, Song Bingyang, Chen Junxian
Abstract: To begin, the role and positioning of comprehensive practical training in mechanical engineering teaching system are planned, as is the teaching purpose of comprehensive practical training in mechanical engineering. Second, on this basis, the teaching contents of comprehensive practical training in mechanical manufacturing [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (426 K)   February 9, 2023    34 Downloads   407 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education880405

Volume 7, Issue 6, December 2022

Open Access
Shengtian Jin, Jieyu Zhang
Abstract: The strategy of rural revitalization is a major strategic layout of the country for the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the strategic objectives, high-quality talent reserves are essential. Under the background of the strategy of rural revitalization, this [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (126 K)   December 11, 2022    34 Downloads   613 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88390

Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2022

Open Access
Tsai-Feng Cheng, Lung-An Shen, Ping-Yun Chen, Yie-jen Wu
Abstract: This study sought to investigate the current situation of the consistency of self- and other-evaluation in elementary school principals’ leadership effectiveness and the difference between different consistencies in attitudes toward evaluation feedback and behavior change intention; to discuss the relationship between eleme [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (288 K)   October 31, 2022    27 Downloads   770 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88378

Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2022

Open Access
jihye choi
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to find out the perceptions of pre-preschool teachers about the play for children with disabilities through metaphor analysis. Data were collected from 71 university students majoring in early childhood education located in South Korea. The research procedure proceeded in the order of data colle [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (270 K)   July 12, 2022    26 Downloads   573 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88354
Open Access
Joanne M. Knoesel
Abstract: Background
Simulations can provide the environment for learners to enhance their critical thinking skills through repeated practice, reflection, and retention of experiences, which may impact the care and safety of their patients in the future (Jeffries, 2007).  Evidence is lacking on the relationship of critica [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (205 K)   July 19, 2022    19 Downloads   714 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88356
Open Access
Chang Xu, Futao Xiang, Gao Lei, Daoshen Xi
Abstract: Moral education in colleges and universities, as a main way to cultivate people with morality, especially in the new era of the rapid development of science and technology and the wide application of new media, how to better improve the moral education system and strengthen moral education for college students has been wide [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (943 K)   September 2, 2022    31 Downloads   549 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88366

Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2022

Open Access
Christin Tønseth
Abstract: Learning plays an important role in the integration of newly arrived immigrants into the Norwegian society. One challenge in multicultural learning environments is how to discover and make use of diversity in multicultural groups. This is a theoretical article that present some challenges in multicultural learning processes [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (204 K)   June 4, 2022    27 Downloads   596 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88292
Open Access
Xin Zhao, Xiaowei Ma, Xiaoxiao Zhou
Abstract: In the context of the widespread use of big data, the cultivation of economic statistics talents faces more challenges and higher requirements. Therefore, based on the objective analysis of the current situation of talent demand and the existing problems of cultivation mode of economic statistics majors in the background of [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (168 K)   July 5, 2022    25 Downloads   594 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88347

Volume 7, Issue 2, April 2022

Open Access
Yihan Ye, Yiqian Jiang, Shiqian Zhu, Xiaole Qian, Suijun Jia, Lixia Ye
Abstract: The holistic level of conceptual understanding and teaching have been an issue of national concern in China. To describe the results of years of improvement in Chinese textbooks, this research examined the California textbook named Algebra1(A1) and Chinese textbooks of people’s edition(C1) and Zhejiang edition(C2). This stu [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (434 K)   May 8, 2022    32 Downloads   740 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88340

Volume 7, Issue 1, February 2022

Open Access
Aresta L. Johnson, Kimberly Fitchett-Bazemore
Abstract: Far too long United States educational systems grappled with the stark disproportionality of boys of color over-identified for special education and the disproportionate rate of school suspensions and arrest. Under President’s Biden’s Covid relief plan, school districts have garnered fiscal support of unimaginable proportio [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (205 K)   January 5, 2022    23 Downloads   978 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88315
Open Access
Dimitra Chaldi
Abstract: Children with autism may engage in challenging behaviors due to language delays and lack of functional communicative repertoire. The present case study examines a 5-year old girl with autism who engages in screaming induced by accessibility to tangibles. The primary objective was to assess and identify the function of screa [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (491 K)   January 10, 2022    20 Downloads   960 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88302
Open Access
Balock Née Ngo Kobhio Louise Lutéine
Abstract: While university-level face-to-face training in Library and Information Sciences dates back to the 1990s in Cameroon, e-learning training is lagging considerably behind in terms of take-off. However, results obtained in this discipline by former e-learning learners concerning skills development, vocational integration, or s [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (290 K)   January 20, 2022    33 Downloads   974 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88320

Volume 6, Issue 6, December 2021

Open Access
Robert Vella
Abstract: This article highlights the importance of using autoethnography in qualitative research. Autoethnography is an approach in qualitative research where the researcher uses personal experiences as data to analyse, describe, understand and interpret events in her/his life to describe sociological understanding of past and prese [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (151 K)   October 24, 2021    24 Downloads   725 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88226
Open Access
Patrick Coggins
Abstract: This Chapter explores the coalescence of the modern tertiary education system of the West Indies, and the historical and geopolitical factors that influenced the movement to establish higher education institutions in the Caribbean region. Four recommendations are offered to strengthen the enrollment of Caribbean students wh [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (330 K)   October 24, 2021    28 Downloads   695 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88263
Open Access
Maria Pratt, Lynn Martin, Ruth Chen
Abstract: Background: While experienced practicing nurses are equipped with the knowledge and skills required in their specialized areas of practice, translating their expertise into nursing education as a clinical nursing instructor is not an easy feat. This study aims to explore the impact of a multimodal orientation program [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (203 K)   October 24, 2021    23 Downloads   894 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88289
Open Access
Jing Huang, Yong Zhang
Abstract: Deep learning and shallow learning (or surface learning) are two types of learning that are classified according to the level of understanding that students achieve in learning. As the concept of education continues to be upgraded, the cultivation of higher-order thinking in students is being emphasized more and more, and d [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (193 K)   November 15, 2021    22 Downloads   739 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88296
Open Access
Natalia V. Gorbunova, Emilia P. Komarova, Svetlana A. Bakleneva, Alexandr S. Fetisov, Natalia S. Mahina
Abstract: The relevance of the study is defined by the expansion of the range of socially significant activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in the sphere of peacemaking, missionary work, preservation and development of cultural heritage, which contributes to the intensification of spiritual cooperation between peoples and states, [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (353 K)   November 16, 2021    20 Downloads   919 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88298
Open Access
Pamila Dembla, Yash Nihal Rajpal, Hersh Mathur
Abstract: India is the second most populous nation in the world and has been greatly impacted by COVID-19 causing extensive damage in terms of death as well as living conditions. Aside from health and economic consequences, COVID-19 has affected the education sector as well. As a result of lockdowns and social distancing mandates, st [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (210 K)   November 16, 2021    33 Downloads   1094 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88299
Open Access
Liu-tao, Wang-yan-an
Abstract: The health problems of youth groups are directly related to the sustainable development of future society. As the main position of training talents, colleges and universities should pay attention to students' health problems and health education. Due to the late start of health education in China, there are many deficiencie [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (135 K)   December 21, 2021    28 Downloads   882 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88305

Volume 6, Issue 5, October 2021

Open Access
Wang Lili
Abstract: During the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, many Chinese colleges and universities actively carry out distance online teaching, responding to the call of the Ministry of Education to "suspend classes without suspension of teaching and learning.” However, the integration of the Internet and education has changed the traditio [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (1477 K)   October 19, 2021    22 Downloads   958 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88248

Volume 6, Issue 4, August 2021

Open Access
Abstract: The research entitled “The Influence of Cooperative Learning Model of Jigsaw Type Implementation on Students’ Learning Achievements” is aimed to find out the influences of Mathematics learning achievements in the subject of Fraction Numbers through the implementation of cooperative learning model of Jigsaw type at the 4[...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (419 K)   August 15, 2021    30 Downloads   749 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88269
Open Access
Muhaemin B, Syamsul Bakhri Gaffar, Ali Latif
Abstract: This study aims to reveal the training needs of non-formal education tutors in Makassar City. The study was conducted on tutors in Learning Activity Centres (SKBs) of Biringkanaya and Ujungpandang in Makassar City, who comprised of 33 people. Data collection techniques used were interviews and documentation. Data was analyz [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (168 K)   August 15, 2021    19 Downloads   875 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88270

Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2021

Open Access
Yu Liao
Abstract: 70 years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, China's education has undergone tremendous changes. After a long period of efforts, China's overall development level of the basic education ranks among the top in the world. With the implementation of the 14th five-year plan for China's National Economic and So [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (178 K)   June 21, 2021    17 Downloads   820 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88253

Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2021

Open Access
Gulnar Orynbek, Xu Hui, Kalibekuly Tolkyn, Endale Fantahun Tadesee, Sabika Khalid
Abstract: This study was examined the relationship between faculty leaders’ leadership style and faculty teachers’ job satisfaction at two public universities in Kazakhstan (L.N.Gomylov Eurasian National University, Kazakh Women Teacher Training University). One hundred twenty-four academic staff participated the research (117 teache [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (318 K)   April 4, 2021    84 Downloads   1342 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88205
Open Access
Karlin Burks, Nicole Austin, Kimberly Fitchett-Bazemore
Abstract: As COVID-19 ravages our country and devastates our K12 Education system, the crisis has highlighted the need for teachers to be educated in the art of advocacy as a necessary skill for reforming the teaching profession (Brown, 2008). Despite the necessity of teachers to possess practical advocacy skills to advocate for them [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (161 K)   April 4, 2021    66 Downloads   1173 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88208
Open Access
Mashudi, Aminiyati, Riama Al Hidayah, Erwin sutandar
Abstract: The research objective was to analyze the influence of socio-economic status, economic rationality on the learning outcomes of students
The socioeconomic status of the parents of students is very large in determining the learning outcomes of students. The economic rationality of students will affect the acquisition of l [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (206 K)   April 26, 2021    51 Downloads   962 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88228

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2021

Open Access
Steven Michael Brown
Abstract: 65 years after the implementation of the Brown v Board of Education landmark U.S. Supreme Court case decision on May 17, 1954, we once again have in the United States a large number of public schools that are racially segregated. The primary source of such resegregation is not because of judicial rulings, but is produced p [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (237 K)   January 31, 2021    100 Downloads   1242 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88199
Open Access
Mohammed H. Abdulla, Elizabeth Brint, Mark G. Rae
Abstract: Background: The continuing COVID-19 crisis of 2020 demanded a sudden and massive shift within academia from face-to-face learning to online and remote learning for both teaching and assessment.
Methods: Herein, we describe our own experience of this transition and, more specifically, of using the web-base [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (573 K)   January 31, 2021    94 Downloads   1571 Views   DOI: 10.54647/education88192

Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2020

Open Access
Magnus O. Bassey
Abstract: Over the past twenty-five years, there have been considerable demographic shifts in public school populations in the United States particularly in urban schools and in some of the largest states in America. As the school populations become more diverse, they pose serious challenges for teachers because of the academic and d [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (195 K)   December 27, 2020    147 Downloads   1321 Views   

Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2020

Open Access
Elsa M. Castillo, Joel Robinson, Kristine Denman, Anyssa Choy, Tariq Khraishi
Abstract: A program funded by the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) to support student scholarships for undergraduate engineering/computer science students was conducted at the University of New Mexico. The scholarship program involved elements such as faculty mentoring, career development activities and financial suppo [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (746 K)   December 3, 2020    128 Downloads   1237 Views   
Open Access
Eustard R. TIBATEGEZA, Miriam M. ZIMBA
Abstract: This paper focuses on Communicative Approach strategies used by teachers in teaching English in secondary schools, and the challenges teachers and students face in using such strategies in classes. Data collection was done in four government secondary schools within Mzuzu City in Malawi. Data were collected by using questio [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (292 K)   December 3, 2020    136 Downloads   1522 Views   

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020

Open Access
Christie Kim
Abstract: There are numerous leadership theories and which leadership style is the most effective is often debated. Gender has been implicated as playing a significant role, as stereotypical feminine characteristics are similar to transactional leadership characteristics. Previous studies have also implicated transformational leaders [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (157 K)   August 16, 2020    178 Downloads   1454 Views   
Open Access
Kountouriotis Georgios, Mihas Pavlos
Abstract: In this paper we present views of the students of the Alexandroupolis Department of Elementary Education, on the electric current at a microscopic level as they emerged through their written answers to an extensive questionnaire which included mostly open questions. From our research, which is quantitative and follows a mor [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (744 K)   August 16, 2020    149 Downloads   1466 Views   

Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2019

Open Access
Ruska Vasileva Paskaleva
Abstract: Elderly people with diabetes should change their lifestyle in the direction of regular exercise of moderate physical activity and maintenance of a certain physical condition. The high level of physical activity reduces insulin resistance of tissues (especially skeletal muscles); prevents obesity; reduces overweight, which i [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (434 K)   September 25, 2019    165 Downloads   2026 Views   
Open Access
Ruska Vasileva Paskaleva
Abstract: The good professional training of students majoring in Medical Rehabilitation and Ergotherapy at the Medical Faculty and Rehabilitation at the Medical College is an integral part of the traditions and modern educational policy of the Trakia University (TrU) - Stara Zagora. It is achieved through a first-rate theoretical and [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (611 K)   September 25, 2019    165 Downloads   2221 Views   

Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2019

Open Access
Yibin Hou, Jin Wang
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is intelligent education. Methods The Internet of Things is used to study the employment of teachers'certificates for postgraduate entrance examination. The result is that the Internet of Things promotes the development of teachers' certificates for postgraduate entrance examination and employment. [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (641 K)   June 4, 2019    319 Downloads   3348 Views   
Open Access
Radka Emilova Vassileva
Abstract: The author, as one of the founders of the “Educational Theater”, analyzes and defines the educational model presented by herself as a form of non-formal education which is constantly changing following both her original pedagogically conceived concept and world educational practices built on a visual and theatrical basis. T [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (272 K)   September 6, 2019    172 Downloads   2363 Views   

Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2019

Open Access
Mobina Beheshti, Prof.Dr.Mustafa Ilkan, Maryam Behandish
Abstract: Nowadays, mobile learning is anticipated as an important instructional device that provides students with the opportunity of being involved in learning and teaching environments whenever and wherever they want. Thus, mobile learning will turn into being one of the most significant environments of distance instruction. The p [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (229 K)   April 26, 2019    281 Downloads   2708 Views   
Open Access
Baoxian Jia, Wunong Zhang, Lige Yang
Abstract: The construction and sustainable development of smart education is inseparable from the innovation and application of smart technology. Edge computing technology expands the sharing of educational resources and educational services. Internet of Things technology enhances the perception of educational environment and teachin [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (237 K)   May 5, 2019    199 Downloads   2567 Views   

Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2019

Open Access
Manuel Tavares, Sandra Gomes
Abstract: In the formerly so-called third world countries, now called emerging countries and or peripheral and semi-peripheral countries, there are innovative counter-hegemonic experiences whose higher education projects are situated in a perspective of social equity and justice including historically marginalized social groups and a [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (218 K)   March 20, 2019    270 Downloads   2513 Views   
Open Access
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to find factors causing lecturers’ resistance to effective implementation of competence based education and training in Harare poly-technic colleges. Qualitative research design, grounded in the interpretivist paradigm was used. The data generating instruments were observation and interview gui [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (206 K)   March 22, 2019    225 Downloads   2402 Views   

Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2018

Open Access
Yali YIN
Abstract: According to the investigation of the Replacement Teaching Practice which carries out by the Gannan Normal university, I discovered that practice teaches have great influence to the majority normal university students. Some of them complain about the difficult condition and are unwilling to take Practice Teaches in Chinese [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (170 K)   September 25, 2018    1157 Downloads   3400 Views   

Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2018

Open Access
Gladys Modupe Kayode, Racheal Omowunmi Ajayi, Oyin Oluwasesan Oladele
Abstract: The potentials of livestock in the sustenance of the economy of rural women of Ekiti State, Nigeria was examined in this study. Semi structured questionnaire guides were used to interview 240 selected rural women from the three zones of the state. The interviews were focus, conversational and two-way in communication. The d [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (486 K)   August 8, 2018    470 Downloads   2609 Views   

Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018

Open Access
Timothy Sands
Abstract: This study elaborates on actions taken by the United States air force towards the goal of increasing critical thinking of members of the nuclear enterprise about nuclear deterrence and assurance. Critical thinking is best sought via education, as opposed to training and accordingly member of the nuclear enterprise have seve [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (209 K)   December 30, 2017    246 Downloads   2537 Views   
Open Access
Yali YIN
Abstract: According to the investigation of the Replacement Teaching Practice which carries out by the Gannan Normal university, I discovered that practice teaches have great influence to the majority normal university students. Some of them complain about the difficult condition and are unwilling to take Practice Teaches in Chinese [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (204 K)   April 1, 2018    237 Downloads   3204 Views   

Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2017

Open Access
Abstract: Abstract: Information and communication technologies (ICT) have turn into ordinary bodies in all aspects of life. Across the past twenty years the use of ICT has essentially revolutionized the practices and procedures of nearly all forms of endeavour within business and governance. Within education, ICT has begun to have a [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (219 K)   April 24, 2017    200 Downloads   3326 Views   
Open Access
Lushane Jones, Sherrene Bogle
Abstract: This paper investigates the impact of interactive gaming on improving literacy at the primary or elementary level of education. It builds on the works of Keller’s ARCS Model of Motivation and Mayer’s Cognitive Theory of Multimedia learning to test the positive effects of Information and Communication Technology Multimedia T [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (881 K)   July 12, 2017    278 Downloads   3475 Views   

Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2017

Open Access
Konstantinos Lavidas, Vasilis Komis, Iro Voulgari
Abstract: In this study we examine the familiarization of students with the basic functions for formula insertion in a general purpose spreadsheet software. Two teaching interventions and two respective follow-up tests were conducted to 124 students of Educational Sciences, with little prior experience in the use of spreadsheets. Thr [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (519 K)   February 12, 2017    358 Downloads   3561 Views   
Open Access
Dr. John Misak
Abstract: Video games have developed into movie-like productions. This paper addresses how modern video games deliver a developed narrative and how such games can be used in the English Composition classroom, much like traditional texts, to help students learn writing craft. Through the exploration of pedagogical strategies for such [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (333 K)   March 1, 2017    2435 Downloads   14168 Views   

Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2016

Open Access
Antonio Giardi
Abstract: The aim of the research is to investigate how the technological tools that support traditional teaching methods (such as the video files recorded by the lecturer) help learners to study improving their evaluations for examinations. Starting from multimedia learning theories, a mobile course model has been designed using the [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (544 K)   December 20, 2016    293 Downloads   3700 Views   
Open Access
AfsaneMoharamkhani, LotfollahKarimi, SeyyedDariushAhmadi
Abstract: The present study was an attempt to investigate the impact of Neuoro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) on EFL learners’ vocabulary achievement. To fulfill the purpose of this study, a group of 90 female EFL learners at Parsayan Language Institute, Tehran, Iran, were selected and 60 of them were selected based on convenient non-r [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (437 K)   December 21, 2016    291 Downloads   3796 Views   
Open Access
Magda Praet, Annemie Desoete
Abstract: Previous studies suggested that early numeracy predict mathematical abilities and disabilities. Although there is evidence for a significant relationship between language and numeracy, it remains an open question to what extent mathematics is truly dependent on language. In addition the question on how different language co [...] Read more.
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Antonio Giardi
Abstract: Mobile learning (or M-learning) is a blend derived from mobile and e-learning presupposing the use of mobile technology to facilitate the learning process. The success of a "mobile course" is influenced by many factors, first of all the fact of being "in motion". To implement a course is essential to define the most appropr [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (536 K)   December 26, 2016    280 Downloads   3493 Views   
Open Access
Abstract: Despite the belief that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) integration makes impact on the entire educational system, studies directed to ICT in schools have placed too much emphasis on the variables at class level neglecting other areas which ICT are applied. In order to have distributed literature the present [...] Read more.
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Abstract: The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution has not only opened up new opportunities for economic growth and social development but has also posed problems and challenges. It can shape and enhance wide range of developmental applications in agriculture, industry and social sectors and is influencing all [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (318 K)   January 9, 2017    245 Downloads   3135 Views   
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Parisa Mehrani Adl
Abstract: Purpose- this paper aims to investigate the barriers of the development of e-textbook publishing from the cultural and economic perspectives and to propose appropriate strategies for improving it and resolving the current problems in Iran. Method/approach of research-A field survey was conducted among 294 students, experts, [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (885 K)   January 11, 2017    250 Downloads   4675 Views   
Open Access
Phyllis Forster, Rosemary Quarcoo, Elizabeth Lani Ashong, Victoria Ghanny
Abstract: The study explored the views of teacher-trainees on Clothing and Textiles (C&T) education in two teacher education universities in Ghana. The objectives were to find out whether pre-tertiary Sewing/C&T lessons provided them with small-scale business skills, and foundation for higher education, they could teach Sewing/C&T co [...] Read more.
Abstract   ReferencesPDF (370 K)   January 19, 2017    2496 Downloads   14374 Views   
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