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Volume 6, Issue 6, December 2021

Open Access
Michael Dan, Eyal Yeheskeli
Abstract: A 30-year-old homosexual man developed pharyngotonsillitis the severity of which necessitated hospitalization for parenteral fluid therapy. Subsequent to unsatisfactory clinical response to antibiotic therapy and the negative tests for group A Streptococcus, together with the ulcerative aspect of tonsillar lesions, the diag [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (183 K)   October 7, 2021     14 Downloads    89 Views
Open Access
Saïda Bensliman, Vincent Ninane, Naila Bradstreet, Christian Mélot
Abstract: The management of mental health in addition to physical health in patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is often overlooked. Many COPD patients report anxiety and depression due to their respiratory condition. Mindfulness-based approaches has accrued robust evidence base in improving mental health outcom [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (693 K)   October 7, 2021     7 Downloads    90 Views
Open Access
Farhad Nejat, Khosrow Jadidi, Shima Eghtedari, Nazanin-Sadat Nabavi
Abstract: Background: Several studies have reported plasma-assisted noninvasive surgery (PANIS method) as a simple, inexpensive, office-based, minimally invasive, effective technique for treating some ocular surface diseases. This study aims to explore the efficacy of this method for occluding tear drainage system, temporary, [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (222 K)   October 7, 2021     16 Downloads    126 Views
Open Access
Anqi Tang, Sanjiao Liu, Zhi Wang, Han Shao, Xiuying Cai, Tan Li
Abstract: Background: Cognitive impairment is common after ischemic stroke, which significantly affects patients’ quality of life and rehabilitation. A reliable scoring tool to detect the risk of cognitive impairment after stroke is imperative. The present study was designed to investigate the risk factors of cognitive impairm [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (526 K)   October 7, 2021     10 Downloads    99 Views
Open Access
Christine Garde, Kofi Kyeremateng Nyanteng, Claudia Nyarko Mensah
Abstract: The CouldYou?Girls Health Initiative is sustainably addressing the Menstrual Health Management of rural women and girls in Africa. This initiative was extended to some Inhambane and Maputo provinces in Mozambique. Menstrual cups were distributed to three hundred and fifty-two (352) school girls. This comparative study there [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (186 K)   October 7, 2021     10 Downloads    135 Views
Open Access
KJ Choi, HJ Jun, Myunghee Yoon
Abstract: Background: Nonthermal endovenous ablation has been needed high amount of sclerosant for the treatment of saphenous vein insufficiency. However, its safe amount has not been known clearly and nonthermal edovenous ablation should be performed avoiding thrombotic complication. This study is to evaluate the feasibility [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (166 K)   October 10, 2021     9 Downloads    122 Views
Open Access
Zixiao Huang, Ziwei Cui, Ruoshan Qin, Xuanxuan Yao, Hongli Zhou, Ru Guo, Xiaodong Qin, Xiangyi He
Abstract: Objective: This study aims at downregulating the expression of Livin through shRNA and exploring the sensitivity of Cal 27 to 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), so as to provide some help in resolving the chemotherapy resistance of oral cancer.
Methods: The Livin-targeting shRNA sequence was designed to construct a l [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (481 K)   October 19, 2021     12 Downloads    133 Views

Volume 6, Issue 5, October 2021

Open Access
Sun Yong Lee, Amandeep S Gill
Abstract: Approximately 300 milion people worldwide have sickle cell trait and it is considered as a benign carrier state with relative protection to malaria. Despite of occasional reports, sickle cell trait can be associated with significant life-threatening coditions under certain situations such as hypoxia, dehydration, and strenu [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (288 K)   August 15, 2021     8 Downloads    207 Views
Open Access
Jingrong Liao, Yawei Wang, Shuangshuang Xue, Yujuan Sun, Wen Jiang, Yuanyuan Xu
Abstract: Decoupling of refractive index (RI) and thickness information of a cell is very importment in cell’s analysis. This paper proposes a method for decoupling the refractive index and thickness of a cell under three-wavelength phase imaging. Based on the Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) method, the proposed method can obtain th [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (643 K)   August 15, 2021     11 Downloads    195 Views
Open Access
Farage Ftiha, BS, Yakubmiyer Musheyev, BS, Henry Jradeh
Abstract: The Covid 19 pandemic is causing global morbidity and mortality, straining health care systems, and disrupting society, putting individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRD) at risk of significant harm. In this review paper, we examine the current and expected impact of the pandemic on individuals with A [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (219 K)   August 29, 2021     10 Downloads    207 Views
Open Access
Dr. Jennifer Leslie, JD, DHSc.
Abstract: Human trafficking involves harsh exploitation of victims and is a deplorable human rights violation. It can be a danger to one’s health and is a major public health issue. Roughly, 12.3 to 27 million men, women, and children are trafficked worldwide. Close to 17,500 people are trafficked yearly into the United States. Human [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (368 K)   August 29, 2021     7 Downloads    171 Views
Open Access
Xiaowei Jiang, Min Yan
Abstract: Atrial fibrillation (AF) is common arrhythmia in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) patients, and indicate badly prognosis. The aim of this study was to determine the value of testing microalbuminuria (MAU) to improve the detective ability of atrial fibrillation in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients. The study was retrospe [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (339 K)   September 5, 2021     16 Downloads    264 Views
Open Access
García-Solís Eduardo
Abstract: The physician since the time of Hippocrates, more than 2000 years ago, has been considered to have a power. The power of healing. However, over the years, that power has sometimes been degraded. Obsolete hierarchies have been created and perpetuated in hospitals, giving rise to power in medicine. Which has led to the abuse [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (120 K)   September 28, 2021     10 Downloads    92 Views
Open Access
CHAI Mei, SU Yang, XIONG Ying, LUO Wei, LIU Jie, ZHOU Feng, ZHANG Yanjun, ZHENG Xin, ZHAO Linyan
Abstract: Objective: To study the cardiopulmonary changes in patients in post-anesthesia care unit by using BLUE protocol and FATE protocol. Methods: The cardiopulmonary ultrasonography of 60 patients with hypoxemia in post anesthesia care unit were analyzed retrospectively, and the cardiopulmonary ultrasonography of patients with hy [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (173 K)   September 28, 2021     11 Downloads    114 Views

Volume 6, Issue 4, August 2021

Open Access
Dr. Luis Fernando García-Frade Ruiz
Abstract: Probably, a “brain at the limit” and its organic manifestation that could perhaps be called more appropriately as “REDIS”, represent from an integral point of view of the human being, the first entity with a clear relationship between what one feels, emotions, the brain, behavior and physical discomfort, a syndrome perhaps [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (178 K)   June 23, 2021     8 Downloads    574 Views
Open Access
Stephan Eyer
Abstract: Objectives and Design – This case report describes the disturbing symptom of mirror self-misperception, a delusion known as Capgras syndrome.
Setting and Participant – A video recording captures the confusion of a demented patient who does not recognize himself in his reflected image, and instead perceive [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (411 K)   July 28, 2021     9 Downloads    232 Views
Open Access
Natalie Wen, Muath Aldosari, Sang E. Park
Abstract: The aim of the study was to evaluate the association between emotional intelligence (EI) and the non-cognitive components of student data, such as age, gender, gap year prior to starting dental school, and number of adversities experienced in life. A validated EI questionnaire was sent to the dental students from the gradu [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (334 K)   August 12, 2021     24 Downloads    243 Views

Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2021

Open Access
Abstract: We report a case of atrial fibrillation associated with cardiac accessory tissues in a 36-year-old patient. The clinical symptomatology was dominated by recurrent palpitations and right heart failure. Doppler echocardiography revealed a couple of cardiac accessory tissues causing dilatation of right cardiac chambers. [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (376 K)   April 4, 2021     82 Downloads    377 Views
Open Access
Brown Holy, Enyi Alice Ruhuoma, Davies Tamunoemine
Abstract: This study examined the distribution of the E23K allele variant of the KCNJ11 gene in type 2 diabetes mellitus and non- diabetics in a Nigerian population. The E23K polymorphism of the KCNJ11 gene results from a substitution of the amino acid lysine to glutamate at codon 23. This alteration causes a critical inhibition of g [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (255 K)   April 4, 2021     72 Downloads    353 Views
Open Access
Daniel Benharroch, Roberto Umansky
Abstract: The recognition of a cascade stomach, based on imaging, is not usually disputed by the clinician. Except for initiating therapy for reflux symptoms or for dyspepsia, a specific treatment is seldom required. Thus, a cascade stomach rarely attracts the interest of the gastroenterologist. Occasionally, more disparate features [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (211 K)   April 26, 2021     52 Downloads    333 Views
Open Access
Angel San Miguel Rodríguez, Alicia Armentia Medina, Blanca Martín-Armentia, Sara Martín-Armentia, Angel San Miguel Hernández, Blanca Martín Armentia, Carmen Lozano Estevan, Irene Iglesias Peinado
Abstract: Background. Spain occupies the first positions in the world in consumption of edible bulbs (garlic and onion), however there are hardly any references about its ability to cause allergic symptoms.Our objective was to study the allergic sensitization and clinical symptoms associated with garlic and onion in a large sa [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (265 K)   May 24, 2021     15 Downloads    350 Views
Open Access
Marlene Morais Ribeiro
Abstract: Framework: The health service organizations expect manager nurses develop activities that foster the best quality scores both in terms of assistance and in terms of management. To do so, the managers have to master management skills.
Purpose: To understand the activity carried out by the manager nurses in [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (247 K)   May 31, 2021     21 Downloads    203 Views
Open Access
Zhou-feng Wang, Heng Fan
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the relationship between early sedation depth and clinical outcomes in mechanically ventilated patients with sepsis.
Methods: A prospective cohort study was conducted in an adult intensive care unit (ICU), and detailed clinical data of septic patients were collected. Multivariable [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (206 K)   May 31, 2021     10 Downloads    229 Views
Open Access
Jibon Sharma, Gautam Goswami
Abstract: The assessment of mean glandular dose is important to reduce and control the potential risk of radiation induced carcinogenesis during mammography procedure. The quantity which describes amount of risk for glandular tissue caused by application of radiation in mammography is called mean glandular dose (MGD). The purpose of [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (348 K)   May 31, 2021     19 Downloads    255 Views
Open Access
Huijuan Chen, Qiqi Liu, Gang Wu, Shengqi Wang
Abstract: Carbapenem-reistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) have been significant increasing recently and are highly endemic in China. Several studies demonstrated the prevalence of antibiotic resistance determinants (ARD) in CRE clinical isolates, but there was no comprehensive overview based on ARDs among CRE clinical isolates in Mainla [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1229 K)   June 8, 2021     9 Downloads    253 Views
Open Access
Ludmila Pavlovna Pivovarova, Mikhail Ivanovich Gromov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Tulupov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Lapshin, Aleksandr Valeryevich Nikitin, Irina Viktorovna Osipova, Olga Borisovna Ariskina
Abstract: A single-center efficacy study of sodium deoxyribonucleate in 54 patients with polytrauma was conducted. The main/control group consisted of 27/27 patients (21/20 males), aged 39(29;51)/40(26;53) years with the Injury Severity Score of 26(22;34)/25(20;29). Sodium deoxyribonucleate is hydrophilic fragments of native DNA. Ra [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (361 K)   June 8, 2021     15 Downloads    367 Views

Volume 6, Issue 2, April 2021

Open Access
Aydın Kant, Hacer Kuzu Okur, Zerrin Pelin, Hatice Türker
Abstract: Objective: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) is a disease that causes recurrent episodes of apnea, disrupting sleep integrity, significantly impairing functionality and causing neuropsychiatric disorders. In our study, it was aimed to determine whether there is a relationship between theseverity of OSAS and anx [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (138 K)   March 1, 2021     93 Downloads    511 Views
Open Access
Dinesh Naidoo
Abstract: A patient with a presumed cerebellar haemangioblastoma was referred for stereotactic radiosurgery after initially undergoing an unsuccessful attempt at surgical excision. The lesion subsequently proved to be a cystic adenocarcinoma [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (257 K)   March 1, 2021     106 Downloads    434 Views
Open Access
Jessica Oliveira, DMS, MSPA, Daniel Hu, Eleanor Lawrence, MPH, Taraneh Shirazian, MD
Abstract: COVID-19 will negatively impact maternal health outcomes in low-resource, rural communities. The indirect effects of the pandemic on the health of women and girls are significant and concerning. Many factors contribute to poor maternal health outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic, including travel restrictions, limited fina [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (3231 K)   March 1, 2021     122 Downloads    496 Views
Open Access
Junming Gong, Li Qiu, Fumin Zhao, Xiaoqin Jiang
Abstract: An 11-month-old child experienced a severe life-threatening airway obstruction due to an accidentally inhaled foreign body that had become lodged in his tracheal carina. He showed shortness of breath, continued to groan, and had three positive concave signs when he came to our emergent department. The blood gas analysis sho [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (271 K)   March 1, 2021     79 Downloads    528 Views

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2021

Open Access
Kabala K.E, Chukwu O.P, Gavi O, Matsela L, Monokoane S.T
Abstract: Background: Fetus in fetu is a rare malformation in which a parasitic twin is within a more mature twin. Most of the fetus in fetu are located in the retroperitoneum and are acardiac and anencephalic. Case presentation: Here, a presentation is made of an oropharyngeal fetus in fetu, which was a referral from [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (461 K)   December 27, 2020     154 Downloads    645 Views
Open Access
Yehao Luo, Donghan Xu, Luqiu Wei, Geer Chen, Yuzhou Pang
Abstract: Systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE),known as lupus,is a chronic autoimmune disease and there is no cure for SLE.The western medication can improve syndromes to some extent,however,severe adverse drug reactions appear at the same time.Recently,it is confirmed that Chinese medicine also can have an excellent clinical efficacy o [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (742 K)   December 27, 2020     136 Downloads    711 Views
Open Access
Yun Zhang, Hongtao Liu
Abstract: Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China, Chinese nurses have undertaken most of the tasks to nursing severe COVID-19 patients, so they take a huge risk of exposure. Therefore, personal prevention and protection are of great importance.This article will introduce advantages of a new type of isolat [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (632 K)   January 24, 2021     148 Downloads    509 Views
Open Access
Yang-Ming Lee, Chew-Teng Kor
Abstract: Aim: The etiology and epidemiology of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has been linked to the entero-ecosystem, involving microbiome and entero-hepatic endocrine system. The human appendix, a microbial reservoir for repopulating the gastrointestinal tract, has currently been considered a crucial part of the immune syst [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (161 K)   January 24, 2021     124 Downloads    435 Views
Open Access
Luis E.Voyer, Caupolicán Alvarado
Abstract: Maillard reaction. Pathogenic effects. Certain organoleptic modifications by way of processing and cooking foods at high temperatures in dry heat, make them especially appetizing and object of addiction. It results from Mayllard reaction, or glycation, consisting on the non-enzymatic union between carbonyl groups, mainly fr [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (210 K)   January 24, 2021     110 Downloads    454 Views
Open Access
Fan Zhu, Sonal Paul, Eric Miller, Chathula Kumarasinghe, Bahaa Mokhtar, Madhumathi Kalavar
Abstract: Introduction: Granular cell astrocytoma (GCA) does not have defined radiological criteria/appearance for diagnosis. Here we present a case of GCA that was initially diagnosed as primary CNS lymphoma before pathologic diagnosis was available.
Case Description: We report a 73 year old male patient who prese [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1260 K)   January 26, 2021     110 Downloads    581 Views

Volume 5, Issue 6, December 2020

Open Access
Mphahlele M.J., Motswaledi M.H., Towobola O.A.
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: Pericardial effusion has become a common clinical condition and consequent to human immunodeficiency virus pandemic, the condition has been on the increase. Its effects on the heart often present as an emergency requiring early recognition and interventions to prevent disability and death. This study evaluated th [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (758 K)   November 25, 2020     133 Downloads    451 Views
Open Access
P.T. Moshane, M.A. Mogale, A. Adu, O.A. Towobola
Abstract: Background: Despite widespread availability and use of statin lipid lowering drugs in the management of diabetic dyslipidaemia (DD), many patients with Type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) do not reach the lipid targets recommended by most diabetic management guidelines. This study, highlights the prevalence and patterns of DD a [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (270 K)   December 1, 2020     130 Downloads    441 Views
Open Access
Lineo Matsela, Olakunle A. Towobola, Ephraim T. Mokgokong
Abstract: ABSTRACT Objective: Loss of bone mineral density follows as a consequence of hormonal changes, as women transit from perimenopause to menopause. This study investigated the effect of such a transition on bone demineralisation among Black South African women.Methods: Two groups of women stratified by their menstrual history [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (901 K)   December 1, 2020     126 Downloads    504 Views
Open Access
Shaadaiti·Wufuer, Anaguli·Ababaikeli, Gulina·Ababaikeli
Abstract: Objective: To discuss the feasibility and therapeutic efficacy of the three types of treatment methods for Gestational trophoblastic tumor(GTT).
Methods: 72 patients diagnosed as GTT were selected and divided into three groups according to different treatment styles including single chemotherapy (group A) [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (231 K)   December 3, 2020     137 Downloads    534 Views

Volume 5, Issue 5, October 2020

Open Access
Hryhorieva O. A., Guminskiy Yu.Yo., Chernyavskiy A. V., Tavrog M.L., Zinich O.L.
Abstract: In modern literature, there are sufficient data concerning clinical manifestations of connective tissue dysplasia, its diagnosis, principles of correction, but works devoted to factors that lead to dysplasia, and morphological manifestations of this condition are insufficient.The aim: to establish a reactive morphological c [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (521 K)   September 22, 2020     120 Downloads    557 Views
Open Access
Eduardo Mejia, Eric F. Reichman
Abstract: An orbital compartment syndrome is an ophthalmic emergency characterized by an acute rise in orbital pressure that can cause damage to ocular and intraorbital structures. It can result in irreversible blindness if not reversed quickly. Decompression via a lateral canthotomy and cantholysis is often required as a quick metho [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (338 K)   October 11, 2020     150 Downloads    603 Views
Open Access
Kodkin Vladimir
Abstract: The paper presents the results of experimental studies that suggest the existence of cause-effect relationships between the process of changing the level of human blood glucose and its electrocardiograms (ECG)
During the studies, the ECG of several people of different ages and physical conditions was recorded simultaneo [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1147 K)   October 11, 2020     166 Downloads    809 Views

Volume 5, Issue 4, August 2020

Open Access
Gang-Huang, Bin Lai Lin, Jian Hui Hu, Fu Hua Qiu, Wen Ya Zhang, Zhi Liang Zhang, Hong Fan, Min Lu, Jiang Bo Li
Abstract: This study aimed to explore the differences between the effectiveness of using a combination of rehabilitation and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), and rehabilitation therapy alone for the treatment of spinal cord injury (SCI). The newly admitted patients with spinal cord injury whose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTS [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (178 K)   September 22, 2020     133 Downloads    558 Views
Open Access
Mark Jaradeh, Brett Curran, Wickii T. Vigneswaran
Abstract: Resection is the principal mode of treatment for early stage non-small cell lung cancer and the only treatment that is potentially curative. As such, surgical approach can be a crucial factor in successful treatment. Over the past three decades, the surgical modalities within thoracic surgery have undergone massive changes, [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (210 K)   September 22, 2020     130 Downloads    629 Views

Volume 5, Issue 3, June 2020

Open Access
Zhou, Fang-Qiang
Abstract: The focus of present review is on the proposal that pyruvate may be a potential candidate in treating critical care patients with Covid-19 virus infection. The pyruvate anion has beneficial properties to protect organ function by increase of hypoxia/anoxia tolerance, correction of hypoxic lactic acidosis, exertion of anti-o [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (199 K)   August 16, 2020     109 Downloads    823 Views

Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2020

Open Access
Xun Tang, Pan Jiang, Huanhuan Chen, Jun Wu, Xiaodong Xie, Xuelian Mao, Dongping Mo, Li Tang, Feng Yan
Abstract: tRNA derived fragments are differentiated expressed in human breast cancer( BC) tissues. Among of them, 5-tRF-His attracted our attention due to its potential role in breast cancer progression. PCR and in situ hybridization were used to measure the expression and location of 5-tRF-His. The role of 5-tRF-His in vitro was exp [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (4467 K)   May 10, 2020     141 Downloads    700 Views
Open Access
Lai Xiong, Xiao Qi Xie, Wei Ming Li, Xin Wu, Yong Luo, Ping Ai, Feng Wang, Deng Bing Wu, Yuan Zhao Liu, Jing Bo Kang, RuoYuWang, Bao Lin Qu, Xian Feng Li, Jun Jie Wang
Abstract: Glioma is a primary brain tumor with a high incidence and a poor prognosis. Although it is treated by surgery, radiotherapy and other methods, the prognosis of patients is still not satisfactory. With the continuous development of medical technology, more and more Many biological molecular markers are recognized.The combine [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (232 K)   May 10, 2020     160 Downloads    692 Views

Volume 5, Issue 1, February 2020

Open Access
Kai Xing, Zefeng Kang
Abstract: Purpose: To assess the efficacy and safety of intravitreal conbercept injections in patients with macular edema (ME) secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO).
Methods: The study included 33 patients (38 eyes) with ME secondary to BRVO who received intravitreal conbercept 0.05mL injections. The op [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (196 K)   May 10, 2020     156 Downloads    706 Views

Volume 4, Issue 6, December 2019

Open Access
Penttilä Ilkka, Penttilä Karri, Ranta Päivi, Törrönen Jukka, Savonen Kai
Abstract: In this report the use of the units, diagnostic limits and the quality aspects of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) were studied in worldwide clinical laboratory practice. In addition, the quality aspects were calculated for the target values from the surveys of Labquality Ltd. and ERLGH. The use of HbA1c units and the diagnostic limi [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (502 K)   October 6, 2019     181 Downloads    1695 Views
Open Access
Dr. H.D.W.S Kudagammana, Dr. R.M.C.J Rathnayaka, Mr. B.W.M.S.B Weerasooriya, Dr. K.M.A.G Karunathilaka, Mr. J.A.C.N Kumara
Abstract: Knowledge on Group B Streptococcus (GBS) carriage among Sri Lankans is very low compared to other countries of the South Asian region. A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out to determine GBS colonization among consecutive 50 pregnant mothers at or beyond 35 weeks of gestation at T H Peradeniya attending obstetr [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (382 K)   October 28, 2019     162 Downloads    1505 Views
Open Access
Wen-chao Li, Ning Ruan, Yuan Tian, Wei Zu, Hai-jie Guan, Yang Lin, min-Qiang Zhao, jiang Xu
Abstract: AbstractBackground: Unicystic ameloblastoma (UAB) is a relatively rare type of Ameloblastoma (AB) and often occurs in adolescents. The technique of decompression by fenestration can help to preserve the appearance and function of the jaws. Purpose: The aim of this study is to validate the efficacy of the decompression by fe [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (433 K)   November 7, 2019     164 Downloads    1593 Views
Open Access
NONG Yuan, XIAO Hai, CHEN Kui, ZHANG Tai-peng, LI Xiu-fen
Abstract: Objectiv:To analysis of the influence factors of thrombolytic therapy of urokinase in patients with acute cerebral infarction in order to predictive the thrombolytic therapy.Methods:From January 2012 to June 2016, 129 patients with acute cerebral infarction treated with intravenous urokinase thrombolysis therapy were divide [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (335 K)   December 19, 2019     146 Downloads    979 Views
Open Access
Eduardo Jorge da Fonseca Lima, Maria Anáide Zacchê de Sá Abreu e Lima, Eduardo Just da Costa e Silva
Abstract: Background:Despite the 2001 standardized interpretation criteria established by the World Health Organization, the radiological identification of pneumonia in childrenremains challenging, with significant inter-observer variability persisting.Objectives: To describe the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of commun [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (238 K)   December 19, 2019     150 Downloads    889 Views
Open Access
Zhong Weiwei, Li Chunyu, Zhang Hailian
Abstract: With the transformation of China's medical system reform in recent years, it has changed from the patient-centered nursing model to the human health-centered nursing model. The scope of work extends to the prevention of disease, the promotion of health, the freedom from physical and mental pain throughout the life process, [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (248 K)   December 20, 2019     139 Downloads    1036 Views
Open Access
Hongtao Xiong, Yuzhou Liu, Yongqing Zhuang, Jie Lao, Chunling Chen
Abstract: Background To introduce a new surgical approach for Achilles tendon repair and analyze its clinical effect and postoperative complications compared with the traditional long incision approach. Methods A retrospective control study of 43 patients treated with Achilles tendon rupture using two different approaches carried out [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (506 K)   December 22, 2019     143 Downloads    1083 Views

Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2019

Open Access
Asha K Rajan, Vedha pal Jeyamani.S, Swarna Priya Basker, Kaviya.U, Merlin Joan Of Arc. M.C, Elizabeth Benita.S
Abstract: Sexual hormones are of essential importance for reproduction and later in life for metabolism, cardiovascular system and general well being of women. Menopause leads to a multiple loss of functions with decrease in estrogen, progesterone levels particularly in regions of brain, bone, skin, connective tissue, peripheral vess [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (242 K)   August 5, 2019     193 Downloads    1636 Views
Open Access
Wang Hui
Abstract: Infrastructure projects are always in a changing environment and are full of risks.In view of the shortcomings of the current single TOT financing model and the failure of the project, this paper proposes an innovative TOT integrated financing model from the perspective of comprehensive integration, aiming to strengthen its [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (499 K)   August 19, 2019     136 Downloads    1409 Views
Open Access
Gulyuk A.G, Grigorieva E.А., Varzhapetian S.D., Stroganova T.V.
Abstract: We assume that the nature of the pathological changes in the mucous membrane of the maxillary sinus should also depend on the nature of the stomatology procedures that were carried out before the development of maxillary sinusitis. The literature suggests that changes in the composition of glycoconjugates correlate with the [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (140 K)   August 19, 2019     173 Downloads    1358 Views
Open Access
Xiao-Dong Shao
Abstract: Pancreatic cancer is projected to become the second most common cause of cancer-related death in the United States in 2030, overtaking deaths from breast and colon cancers. Although increased screening has led to improvements in the detection of certain cancers such as colorectal cancer, the same is not true for pancreatic [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (184 K)   August 21, 2019     150 Downloads    1483 Views
Open Access
Kawtar Nassar, Wafae Rachidi, Saadia Janani, Ouafa Mkinsi
Abstract: Autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD), also called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or Hashimoto thyroiditis, is an inflammatory thyroiditis that is characterized by thyroid lymphocytic infiltration. It's one of the commonest causes of hypothyroidism, that has been associated with several autoimmune diseases including rheumatolo [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (143 K)   August 25, 2019     170 Downloads    1582 Views
Open Access
Ibrahim S. Yar’Zever, Ibrahim Rabiu
Abstract: Background: In Nigeria generally and Kano in particular pregnant mothers increasingly attend antenatal clinics but utilization of skilled delivery service remains very low. The individual or health system factors that affect women’s preferences for delivery places are not clearly well known. Method: A case control study wa [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (214 K)   August 25, 2019     141 Downloads    1538 Views
Open Access
Roshanak Baghaei Roodsari, Ali Esteki, Gholamreza Aminian, Esmaeil Ebrahimi Takamjani, Mohammad Ebrahim Mousavi, Basir Majdoleslami
Abstract: Background: Current knee braces are not being used for extended periods by knee OA patients due interface problems; so compliance is an issue. The aim of this study was to design a new orthosis which could be providing the required correction to reduce medial compartment loading. Case Description and Methods: A new knee ort [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (276 K)   September 2, 2019     172 Downloads    1689 Views
Open Access
Cristina Roque Ferreira, Pedro Gil Oliveira, Manuel Cruz, Manuela Gonçalo, Paulo Donato
Abstract: In our institution, two cases of granular cell tumor of the breast described in this document were observed. Both share a similar clinical-radiological aspect, very similar to a carcinoma; so, in both cases, the VTIQ study was carried out. In one of the cases, after VTIQ study, the characteristics of malignancy were reinfor [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (527 K)   September 24, 2019     166 Downloads    1369 Views
Open Access
Shi Hui, Ye Lei, Lu Hen, Yang Miaofang, Liu Chang, Wang Fangyu
Abstract: Objective To improve the understanding of Delayed systemic reactions to infliximab retreatment.Method Two cases of anaphylactic reaction following infliximab infusion in patients with active Crohn’s disease(CD) were reported. Both had previously received infliximab treatment over more than one year ago. Related literature [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (147 K)   October 6, 2019     150 Downloads    1410 Views

Volume 4, Issue 4, August 2019

Open Access
Elshedoudy Sahar, Taha Fatma, Adel Mona, Taha Fatma
Abstract: Background: Right ventricular (RV) dysfunction in atrial switch patients has an important prognostic significance. The quantitative echocardiographic modalities (strain & strain rate) enhanced RV function noninvasive assessment. Methods: 28 patients with complete TGA who underwent Senning procedure were included and divided [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (358 K)   May 27, 2019     218 Downloads    1713 Views
Open Access
Ni Qianxi, Wong Peifong, Zhang Jiutang, Chen Ni
Abstract: Purpose: This study aimed to analyze the dose attenuation caused by four kinds of commonly used commercial treatment couches (Elekta iBEAM evo Couch, Varian Exact Couch (Standard Couch), Varian Exact IGRT Couch, and BrainLAB imaging Couch) in IMRT and VMAT. Method: Six patients with prostate cancer were planned with both [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (291 K)   July 15, 2019     185 Downloads    1842 Views

Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2019

Open Access
Abstract: Inorganic oxidants have rarely been used for the oxidation of alcohls to the corresponding carbonyl compounds.This paper deals with the kinetics of oxidation of industrially important secondary cyclic alcohols,Cyclopentanol,Cyclohexanol and Cyclooctanol by K2S2O8 in acidic medium,under first order kinetic conditions with re [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (230 K)   April 9, 2019     257 Downloads    2343 Views
Open Access
Wilczyńska Tacjana, Semivolos Andriy
Abstract: Background: Pediatric palliative care services in the world are provided through two principal models: institutional and home-based. Integration of those models is also applied.
Aim: To assess the effectiveness of home-based pediatric palliative care model in the developing economy setting of Ukraine.
[...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (198 K)   April 9, 2019     217 Downloads    3019 Views
Open Access
Kai Sung, Hsu Sheng Cheng
Abstract: Current methods for detecting and identifying respiratory viruses in patient samples are based on viral amplification in cell culture followed by antibody detection. These methods are time-consuming, costly and depend upon complex and expensive equipment as well as resources. DNA-based microarrays have the potential and u [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (315 K)   April 17, 2019     262 Downloads    2387 Views
Open Access
Dr. Shaherzad Sohail., Dr Lubna Raiz Dar., Dr Wajeeha Asghar Ali.
Abstract: The causes of maternal mortality are direct or indirect. It is important to investigate the causes of maternal mortality as maternal mortality is an indicator of nation health. Reviewing and analyzing the causes of maternal deaths we can find out areas to improve our health care system and this is crucial for reduction in m [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (181 K)   April 26, 2019     216 Downloads    1807 Views

Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2019

Open Access
MD, FACC, FESC, Valentina Bucciarelli, Piergiusto Vitulli, Sabina Gallina
Abstract: The Coumadin/Warfarin ridge (CWR), also known as “Q-tip” sign in cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging, consists in a prominent muscle ridge lying in the left atrium, in-between the left atrial appendage and the insertion of left upper pulmonary vein; due to its shape and position it is often misdiagnosed as a left atria [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (342 K)   April 7, 2019     194 Downloads    1654 Views
Open Access
Yuanhong Xiao, Gang Wang, Xuan Zhang, Guodong Zhao, Qu Liu, Zhipeng Zhou, Minggen Hu
Abstract: Background Congenital splenic cyst of children is an uncommon lesion. Robotic manipulations for congenital splenic cyst of children have not been reported.
Methods A nine-year-old girl with cystic neoplasm originating from the middle-lower pole of spleen was performed robotic cystectomy and partial sp [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (302 K)   April 9, 2019     219 Downloads    2096 Views

Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2019

Open Access
Li-fa Xu, Chang-hao Hou, Xiao-huan Lu
Abstract: Background: According to WHO estimates, more than 2 billion people worldwide have been infected with Hepatitis B Virus, and hepatitis B has seriously harmed human health.Objective: This study aims to understand the current status of hepatitis B infection in college students, to explore the performance patterns and compositi [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (222 K)   March 23, 2019     215 Downloads    1607 Views
Open Access
Huang Z.Q., Gao M.J., Feng G.Q, Ma X.S, Wang R
Abstract: Abstract: Aims: In view of the current study on the fingerprint of panax pseudo-ginseng, panax ginseng and panax quinquefolium, the identification features can not be clearly distinguished. HPLC and NIRS analysis technologies were used to establish the fingerprint of p. notoginseng flower, p. ginseng flower and p. quinquef [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1033 K)   March 23, 2019     220 Downloads    1527 Views

Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2018

Open Access
Yingchun Zhu, Xuewen Jia, Zhanping Jin, Yunfeng Mi, Zheyang Wang, Yufeng Zhu, Chunxiao Gu, Jihong Zhang, Cui Wang, Dongdong Xia
Abstract: Objective. To evaluate functional outcomes and complications in a consecutive group of patients with elbow osteochondritis dissecans(OCD) treated with arthroscopic procedure. Methods. Twenty-seven patients who had undergone arthroscopic procedure for elbow osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) were recruited from May 2013 to July [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (555 K)   September 25, 2018     1528 Downloads    2827 Views

Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2018

Open Access
LI Le-le
Abstract: Objective:The main target of interest and behavior through the analysis of the government, the hospital, the insured persons in the medical insurance reform, related conclusions of game theory analysis of individual interests. Study design:According to the equilibrium point of the incentive compatibility principle for the [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (294 K)   September 25, 2018     1368 Downloads    2268 Views

Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018

Open Access
Abd Elrahman M. A.Osman, Shingray O., H, Mohammed , A. M, Omer M. Tahir, Ahmed A. Mohamedani
Abstract: This study was a descriptive study to assess the bacteriological quality of Port Sudan drinking water sources and its subsidiary network until it reaches the consumers; in the period October 2005 and April 2007.Ten samples as negative control, and ninety samples were collected from seven different sources and examined bacte [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (312 K)   December 30, 2017     241 Downloads    2057 Views
Open Access
Mateja Primožič, Željko Knez, Jitendra Kumar Pandey, Maja Leitgeb
Abstract: Nanotechnology advances in drug delivery deal with the development of synthetic nanometer sized targeting delivery systems for therapeutic agents. Nanoparticles (NPs) as drug delivery system have received much attention in recent years. They can provide a selective targeting and can be tailor-made with the desired character [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (147 K)   January 14, 2018     261 Downloads    2449 Views

Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2017

Open Access
Ntombizodwa Makurira Nyoni, Sikukumwa Ellion
Abstract: Abstract: This paper presented evidence from 50 self administered-questionnaires and interviews with a sample of Rundu men who participated in a mixed descriptive research study. The purpose of this study was to describe the knowledge, attitude and practice of men who came for voluntary male medical circumcision: A case of [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (827 K)   July 31, 2017     232 Downloads    2734 Views

Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2017

Open Access
Babur M. Shakirov, M.D., Komil R. Tagaev, M.D., Erkin A. Hakimov, M.D.
Abstract: Acute renal failure is one of the major complications of burns and it is accompanied by a high mortality rate. Most renal failures occur either immediately after the injury or at a later period when sepsis develops. Fifty four materials of autopsies of died patients being treated at Burn Department of Samarkan [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (102 K)   June 19, 2017     204 Downloads    2104 Views

Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2017

Open Access
Abstract: BACKGROUND: In this study, association of between drop-out and inflamation were investigated in peritoneal dialysis (PD) patients with end-stage renal failure (ESRF) .METHOD: Of the 150 ESRF patients who were started with or switched to PD, 46 drop-out patients were evaluated retrospectively. Patients demographic characteri [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (412 K)   February 28, 2017     275 Downloads    2310 Views

Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2016

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Abstract: Aims: Fever is a common event occurring in 14%–91% of postoperative patients. Most cases of fever immediately following surgery are self-limiting. For greater temperature increases, evaluation of postoperative fever can entail a lengthy differential diagnosis that must be narrowed by the interpretation of available data. Th [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (254 K)   December 20, 2016     311 Downloads    2405 Views
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A.Sedky, Ahmed Abdel-Rahim, Eslam Sedky
Abstract: We reported here the concepts, applications and side effects of radiotherapy on the human tissue. The properties of x and γ rays, and their applications on the tumor tissues such as radiation therapy, gamma camera and gamma Knife are presented. Further, the physics of laser and its applications such as photo-coagulation, ph [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1754 K)   December 21, 2016     291 Downloads    2453 Views
Open Access
Hsin-Li Liu, Chuan-Mei Chen, Liang -Guei Huang, Horng -Mo Lee, Yueh-Chin Chung
Abstract: Background: The incidence of juvenile fibromyalgia (JFM) in Taiwan has yet to be documented. As such, we investigated the incidence, risk factors, and comorbidities of JFM in this country.Methods: We analyzed the 2000–2010 claims data of outpatients diagnosed with JFM (ICD-9-CM codes 729.1) from the National Health Insuranc [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (361 K)   December 21, 2016     295 Downloads    2358 Views
Open Access
Antonio Corvino, Orlando Catalano, Fabio Corvino
Abstract: The occurrence of intracystic hemorrhage in benign liver cysts is usually seen in huge solitary cysts and in older individuals. We report a case of multiple simple hepatic cysts with intracystic hemorrhage complicating one of the cysts in whom the correct diagnosis was accurately made by Contrast-Enhanced Low-MI Real-Time U [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (511 K)   December 23, 2016     280 Downloads    2323 Views
Open Access
Fabio Corvino M.D., Antonio Corvino M.D., Luca Centore M.D., Emilio Soreca M.D., Alfonso Bencivenga M.D
Abstract: Pseudoaneurysms secondary to pancreatitis, acute or chronic, are a rare complication (reported incidence in a range from 1.3% to 10%), potentially lethal. An early detection and intervention, either surgical or by minimally invasive interventional procedure, is vital for the patient. Multidetector Computed Tomography is the [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (562 K)   December 24, 2016     289 Downloads    2580 Views
Open Access
Shahajahan Banu, Sarah Abdullah Mobarak
Abstract: Prevalence of Obesity among Nursing Students at College of Applied Medical Sciences, Wadi Al Dawasir. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of obesity among female nursing students by using body mass index and to find the obesity prevalence according to their age. Adopting a descriptive design, 100 female nursing stu [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (502 K)   January 4, 2017     339 Downloads    2508 Views
Open Access
María de la Caridad Menéndez-Sainz, Sergio González-García, Alina González-Quevedo, Marisol Peña-Sánchez, Rebeca Fernández-Carriera, Anay Cordero-Eiriz
Abstract: Background. Lysosomal storage diseases (LSD) are a group of more than 50 genetic disorders and demonstrating deficiency of enzyme activity (EA) should be the first step in its diagnosis. Referral for molecular studies when an LSD is suspected is mainly based in the measurement of the percent relative enzyme activity; never [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (373 K)   January 4, 2017     296 Downloads    2255 Views
Open Access
Odey Daisy Mary, Amos Dangana, Idris Abdullah Nasir, James Adisa
Abstract: AbstractBackground: The frequent use of herbal preparations for treatment of infections and diseases have led to the need to investigate possible side effects that could be associated with these plants. Objective of study: This study was designed to investigate the effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Albizzia lebbeck on the [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1734 K)   January 16, 2017     300 Downloads    2374 Views

Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2016

Open Access
Kaixuan YAN, MD, Heng Gao, MD, PhD
Abstract: Background and importance We describe a patient who occurred intraoperative aneurysm ruptured (IAR) of aneurysms neck and the surgeon use a piece of endocranium to assisted clip and achieve a good result.Clinical presentation A 62-year-old women was admitted with an acute subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). She underwent, after [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (381 K)   October 14, 2016     376 Downloads    2525 Views
Open Access
houjun Zheng, Ke Ma, Xiao-Ji Wang, Li-Mei Wang
Abstract: Polyphenol resveratrol (RSV) has been associated with Silent Information Regulator T1 (SIRT1) and AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) metabolic stress sensors and probably responds to the intracellular energy status. Our purpose is to investigate the neuroprotective effects of RSV and the association with SIRT1 and AMPK sig [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (389 K)   October 14, 2016     380 Downloads    2822 Views
Open Access
Alfonso Lagi MD. PhD, Simone Cencetti MD
Abstract: Introduction: the association between chronic constitutional hypotension (CCH) and symptoms is uncertain both as pathophysiological correlation as a statistical link. The study was undertaken in order to investigate the existence of a significant association between CCH and symptoms and identify the most represented ones.Me [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (316 K)   October 14, 2016     423 Downloads    2359 Views
Open Access
Paul H. Hartel, MD, Donald R. Fleming, MD
Abstract: While targeted therapies are available for breast cancer patients whose tumors express ER, PR, or show HER-2 overexpression, no such treatment exists for “triple-negative” cases. As immunohistiochemistry (IHC) expression of Cyclin D1 has been shown concordant with Cyclin D1 gene amplification, we evaluated Cyclin D1 IHC exp [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (127 K)   October 15, 2016     371 Downloads    2589 Views
Open Access
Karavay A., Karavay P., KaliadaT., Nefyodov L.
Abstract: The creation methodology of pathogenetic compositions of amino acids and their derivatives on the basis of their physiological concentration for practical application in oncology of their regulatory effects discussed. [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (123 K)   October 15, 2016     401 Downloads    2605 Views
Open Access
Kobra Shiasi Arani, Kobra Shiasi Arani, MD
Abstract: Background— the prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents is increasing worldwide. Concordantly with the increase in obesity the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome is raising in children and youth. The metabolic syndrome imposes a substantial risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus and premature corona [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (313 K)   October 15, 2016     427 Downloads    2732 Views
Open Access
Kobra Shiasi Arani, Sedighe Asgarian
Abstract: Introduction:Short stature is one of the most common causes of referral to the endocrinology and pediatric clinics and in most cases is due to normal variants of growth such as familial short stature or constitutional growth delay, but it may be due to some treatable and important diseases. In this study we investigate the [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (174 K)   October 15, 2016     407 Downloads    2908 Views
Open Access
Mahmoud Edessy, Abdel Aziz G. El Darwish, Ahmed Ali M. Nasr, Manal G. Abd El Aty, Mahmoud I. El Rashedy, Hosam H. El Katatny, Fawzya M.
Abstract: Background: Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) is cyclic or noncyclic, intermittent or constant discomfort in the pelvic region for at least 6 months. It is a common complaint in female adolescents that may be overlooked.Objective: To evaluate CPP in adolescents using transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) and laparoscopy.Study design: This [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1019 K)   October 25, 2016     348 Downloads    2519 Views
Open Access
Mahmoud Edessy, Abd El Aziz G. Al Darwish, Hosam H. El Katatny, Manal G. Abd El Aty, Ahmed Abd El Hamed, Osama Abd El Azeem
Abstract: Background: It is estimated that 150–200 million people, or 3% of the world's population, are living with chronic hepatitis C. Objective: to identify the prevalence of HCV among pregnant women and infants of infected women and detect risk factors and the rate of vertical transmission.Methods: 3000 births of pregnant women a [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (564 K)   October 28, 2016     303 Downloads    2588 Views
Open Access
Naser A. ElSawy, Abdullah G.Alkushi, Amal Almattry, Hataba A.A
Abstract: Toxoplasma gondii (T. gondii) is found worldwide in many species, including carnivorous and herbivorous mammals and birds. The definitive host of this parasite has been shown to be cats, which have been associated with the transmission of the parasite in every population investigated. Serum samples were examined for antibod [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (548 K)   October 30, 2016     315 Downloads    2538 Views
Open Access
Ieda Regina Lopes Del Ciampo, Luiz Antonio Del Ciampo
Abstract: Dietary fiber (DF) is a polymer of high molecular weight carbohydrates which are not hydrolyzed by endogenous enzymes in the intestine of human beings, which are found in food and which have physiological effects beneficial for health. The major sources of DF are of plant origin: cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables and tub [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (352 K)   December 6, 2016     321 Downloads    2753 Views