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Xi Xia, Feng Wan, Jianhui Yan, Hongmei Xu, KaiDi Hu
Abstract: SiCf/AlPO4 composites were fabricated using a hot laminating process with MWCNTs as the absorber. A coating prepared from SiO2+SiC+Al (H2PO4)3 was applied to the surface of SiCf/AlPO4 composites prior to an anti-oxidation test at 1373 K [...] Read more.
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Yu Liao
Abstract: Leaders need to lead people to achieve organizational goals. Strong influence is a common feature of good leaders. The influence comes from the powerful image of the leader through his words and deeds, In the world's big power game, Russian leader Putin showed strong leadership and was admired and admired by the people, whi [...] Read more.
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Dereje Teshome
Abstract: Camel is an important species uniquely adapted to arid and semi-arid environments and contributes significantly to the food security of the nomadic pastoral households. Tuberculosis caused by Maycobacterium bovis is the most common form of tuberculosis in camels. The two known Mycobacteria causing Tuberculosis in camels are [...] Read more.
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Ludmila Pavlovna Pivovarova, Mikhail Ivanovich Gromov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich Tulupov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Lapshin, Aleksandr Valeryevich Nikitin, Irina Viktorovna Osipova, Olga Borisovna Ariskina
Abstract: A single-center efficacy study of sodium deoxyribonucleate in 54 patients with polytrauma was conducted. The main/control group consisted of 27/27 patients (21/20 males), aged 39(29;51)/40(26;53) years with the Injury Severity Score of 26(22;34)/25(20;29). Sodium deoxyribonucleate is hydrophilic fragments of native DNA. Ra [...] Read more.
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Open Access
Huijuan Chen, Qiqi Liu, Gang Wu, Shengqi Wang
Abstract: Carbapenem-reistant enterobacteriaceae (CRE) have been significant increasing recently and are highly endemic in China. Several studies demonstrated the prevalence of antibiotic resistance determinants (ARD) in CRE clinical isolates, but there was no comprehensive overview based on ARDs among CRE clinical isolates in Mainla [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1229 K)7 Downloads    68 Views
Open Access
TIAN Hongshui, YANG Chuan-cheng, ZHANG Banghua, ZHANG Shenhe
Abstract: The Mount Taishan earthquake, which named after Mount Taishan, occurred in 1831 BCE. It was the earliest historical earthquake recorded by historical writing-materials in China. However, seismic geologists have been unable to find any seismic-geological records or traces of the historical earthquake in the Taishan area and [...] Read more.
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W.Z. Shangguan, Z.Cai, Z. Q. Huang, JiaWen Mo, XiangZhong Wei
Abstract: A new understanding to the origin of superconductivity in hydrogen-rich materials under high pressure is presented in this paper. Applying sufficiently high pressure to a material makes its constituent atoms get close enough so that the “close-shell inversion” effect takes place, which in turn results in superconducting sta [...] Read more.
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Open Access
Kaz Stuart
Abstract: This paper argues for the ‘social determinants of health’ (SDoH) discourse to be extended in three respects. Firstly, the case is made for the ‘social’ aspect of SDoH to be extended to include biological, psychosocial and social determinants, leading to a new framing of the ‘biopsychosocial’ determinants of health. Secondly [...] Read more.
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Open Access
Jibon Sharma, Gautam Goswami
Abstract: The assessment of mean glandular dose is important to reduce and control the potential risk of radiation induced carcinogenesis during mammography procedure. The quantity which describes amount of risk for glandular tissue caused by application of radiation in mammography is called mean glandular dose (MGD). The purpose of [...] Read more.
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