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Recently Published Papers
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Jingyi Zhang
Abstract: The global 2008-2009 financial crisis played a significant role in global financial history. Analyzing it is of vital importance to prevent such a crisis from happening again. The paper is based on the global financial crisis and aims to analyze its origins, patterns, consequences and policy responses. The paper consists of
Abstract       References PDF (103424 k) 17 Downloads     674 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790461
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Sanjay Bhasin, Alessandro Laureani
Abstract: Purpose: The overriding objective of this investigation is creating and deploying a new Lean longevity matrix, to enable organisations to reliably gauge the juncture of leanness achieved, steps necessary to move towards the next level and where dedicated resources are necessary. This was achieved by presenting and piloting
Abstract       References PDF (151334 k) 17 Downloads     1320 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790459
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Derik Pierre Sakatai, Yakouba Oumarou
Abstract: In order to enhance and improve the production of underutilized crops, a collection of the various tigernut accessions was carried out in the Kapsiki and Mafa production area of the Mayo-Tsanaga department. However, the lack of knowledge about the plant material used in the cultivation of tigernut (Cyperus esculentus L.) is
Abstract       References PDF (2113975 k) 19 Downloads     1197 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790457
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Sekinat A. Kola-Aderoju, Thaddeus T. Ityonzughul
Abstract: This article examines the economic benefits of Ibadan Central Abattoir (ICA), Amosun between 2009 and 2021. It argues that abattoir is a global industry that has attracted the attention of scholars the world over. However, these academic inquiries are not historical in nature and also neglected the positive aspects of the a
Abstract       References PDF (40150 k) 24 Downloads     15252 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790437
Open Access
Tatyana Odintsova
Abstract: For sustainability, the transparent information environment is exceptionally substantial. One of the most common global practices that allows us to achieve this goal has become corporative ESG-reporting. The existence of numerous sustainable reporting and ESG-rating systems complicates the process of its harmonization, but
Abstract       References PDF (1672983 k) 26 Downloads     132458 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790433
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Nesrine Dardouri, Mounir Smida
Abstract: This work examines the main determinants of tax evasion within publicly traded companies. The literature review indicates that there are several practices used by Tunisian companies to eliminate their tax obligations, including group size, profitability, intangible assets and debts. Thus, this study aims to obtain empirical
Abstract       References PDF (42591 k) 27 Downloads     97094 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790430
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Yude Xu, Xuan Meng, Jianmin Liu
Abstract: We take China A-share listed companies from 2006 to 2020 as samples to empirically test the mechanism that information infrastructure and market-based environmental regulation affect high-quality green innovation of enterprises.We find that the information infrastructure significantly promotes high-quality green innovation
Abstract       References PDF (119462 k) 53 Downloads     97154 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790424
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Sikandar Siddiqui
Abstract: Central banks have the ability to provide commercial banks in their currency area with liquid funds at very low costs when needed. This enables them to intervene in the financial sector to stabilise it during crisis situations. However, if the liquidity shortages in the commercial banking sector are merely symptoms of a dee
Abstract       References PDF (73998 k) 68 Downloads     97073 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790420
Open Access
Fan He, Fanchen Meng, Shang Gao
Abstract: Acquiring and absorbing advanced knowledge of overseas subsidiaries of developed countries is an important task for Chinese enterprises in the stage of cross-border merge and integration. In the process of knowledge transfer, there exist so many problems, such as the quantity and value of knowledge transfer is lower than ex
Abstract       References PDF (179758 k) 87 Downloads     92007 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790411
Open Access
Hongyi Sun
Abstract: In order to solve the problem that China's agricultural trade prospects in the "the Belt and Road economic belt" are unclear, this paper proposes a prediction system based on the stochastic frontier gravity model.This process examines the current situation of agricultural industry and the change of economic structure in Chi
Abstract       References PDF (376557 k) 95 Downloads     92123 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790388