Volume 7, Number 1 (2022)
Year Launched: 2016
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SCIREA Journal of Biology — Open Access Journal

SCIREA Journal of Biology is an international, scientific peer-reviewed open access journal published online by SCIREA.

Open Access free for readers, with article processing charges (APC) paid by authors or their institutions.

High visibility: Indexed in the Google Scholar and other databases.

Rapid publication: manuscripts are peer-reviewed and a first decision provided to authors approximately 20 days after submission; acceptance to publication is undertaken in 5 days.

Recognition of reviewers: reviewers who provide timely, thorough peer-review reports receive vouchers entitling them to a discount on the APC of their next publication in any SCIREA journal, in appreciation of the work done.

Latest Articles
Open Access
Edmundas Lekevičius
Abstract: Species diversity is supported by trophic specialisation and the variability of environmental conditions in space and time, in other words, it is a form of the division of labour (a);Biodiversity helps to stabilise the functions (essential variables) of individuals, populations, and ecological communities (b);The emergence [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (343 K)   January 14, 2022    8 Downloads   120 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18175
Open Access
FengXue, TongLiu
Abstract: In this study, we used the rhizosphere soil of Crimson seedless grape vines with large planting area in Shihezi, Xinjiang as research material, sequenced the bacterial 16S rRNA gene (V4) in different depths of the soil with the grape vines planted for 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 years by using Illumina MiSeq sequencing platform, an [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (1265 K)   December 28, 2021    13 Downloads   158 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18195
Open Access
Nurtjahjo Dwi Sasongko, Adi Amurwanto
Abstract: Winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L.) (DC.) contains moderate to high fat in its seeds including palmitic acid (C18:0). Of those three sampling areas in Indonesia, the Sumateranese winged bean seeds contains 60%; which is important raw source of various oleochemical industries. Palmitoyl ACP is one among those enz [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (394 K)   December 28, 2021    8 Downloads   120 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18197
Open Access
K. Edwina, P. Leela
Abstract: Phytochemicals are secondary metabolites produced by a variety of plants that can prevent competitor species from germinating. Allelopathy is the name for this process, mediated by various substances, the most common of which are phenolic compounds. Plant allelochemicals can thus be employed in agricultural systems to suppr [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (498 K)   December 28, 2021    15 Downloads   151 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18193
Open Access
Donny J. Prihadi, Zhang Gunghai, Noir P. Purba, Indah Riyantini, Vicky Soemantrie
Abstract: Mangrove ecosystem is a habitat of mangrove crab (Scylla serrata). This research was conducted in mangrove ecosystem area of ​​Karangsong Village, Karangsong Sub-district, Indramayu District. The purpose of this research is to know the abundance of mangrove crab, mangrove ecosystem condition and mangrove ecosystem relations [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (447 K)   October 7, 2021    9 Downloads   294 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18181
Open Access
Xu XX, Smith ER, Salas PJ
Abstract: Epithelial cells comprise the surface layers that cover tissues and organs, and by definition, exhibit an asymmetric surface domain and hence apical-basal polarity. The development of early mammalian embryos, from a fertilized oocyte to a blastocyst and implanted embryo, provides an excellent system to observe the formatio [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (616 K)   August 15, 2021    7 Downloads   318 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18174
Open Access
Konstantina Stavroulaki, Catherine Santanello
Abstract: The World Health Organization has emphasized the importance of screening water used for agricultural purposes in order to prevent potential water-borne and food-bone outbreaks.1 These outbreaks are linked to a variety of pathogens, especially Gram-negative bacteria, protozoa, and viruses. Multiple pathogenic strains of Esch [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (577 K)   June 23, 2021    17 Downloads   447 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18129
Open Access
Lai Yanxue
Abstract: For many decades, the parasitic behavior of wasp Sclerodermus guani (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae), a typical generalist gregarious ectoparasitoid, was described as paralyzing the hosts by stinging with venom for egg-laying, and then their offspring larvae after hatching feed on hosts’ hemolymph for the development until emergen [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (669 K)   May 17, 2021    33 Downloads   330 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18144
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