Volume 4, Number 1 (2019)
Year Launched: 2016
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Volume 4, Issue 1, February 2019

Open Access
Luo Erlin, Li Zhenhua, Tan Jinling, Hu Jingyan
Abstract: Based on the study of the water jet technology of the single side shell of the thick shell mussel, in the experiment of water jet shelling, in order to grasp the three influencing factors of shelling quality of mussels with single side by water jet to the greatest extent: the injection pressure of water jet, the distance be [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (987 K)   April 26, 2019     46 Downloads    228 Views

Volume 3, Issue 1, February 2018

Open Access
S. Nisthar, SMM. Mazahir
Abstract: This study aimed to find the opportunities of Halal tourism that can be utilized so as to promote the tourism industrial sector in Sri Lanka using the descriptive analysis. The data collected for the study were secondary from the various secondary sources such as printed materials, journal, and web based documents. All thes [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (246 K)   January 7, 2018     124 Downloads    636 Views
Open Access
S.H. Alsamhi, M. Ansari, M. Hebah, A. Ahmed, A. Hatem, M. Alasali
Abstract: Adaptive handoff provides a cost-effective way to enhance the Quality of Service (QOS) of homogeneous and heterogeneous communication systems. Recent researches focused on handoff between Heterogonous communications systems. Therefore, handoff between terrestrial communication systems and High altitude platform using Neuro [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1561 K)   January 7, 2018     65 Downloads    593 Views
Open Access
Mine Özdemir, Ali Uğurlu
Abstract: This paper presents the effects of pozzolanic additives on the properties of Portland cement containing clay waste. Twelve different types of cement mortars were produced by adding fly ash and natural pozzolan (in the range of 5 % - 20 %) to ordinary CEM I 42.5 Portland cement containing 10 % and 15 % of clay waste. The cem [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (600 K)   January 7, 2018     75 Downloads    680 Views

Volume 2, Issue 2, April 2017

Open Access
Jerry Asaana, Adams Sadick, Abunkudugu A. Akunai, Tayari Salifa
Abstract: A study was carried at Tono irrigation area in the Upper East Region of Ghana to assess the relationship between some selected climatic parameters and their correlation with potential evapotranspiration (PET) estimated using Penman-Monteith method. The selected climatic parameters were temperature, humidity, wind speed and [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (540 K)   April 23, 2017     114 Downloads    836 Views
Open Access
Adams Sadick, Prince Charles Asante, Emmanuel Dugan, Jerry Asaana
Abstract: This paper assessed the suitability of water in Lake Bosomtwe at Ashanti Region of Ghana for irrigation purposes. A total of ten composite samples were taken from different parts of the lake and analyzed for Irrigation water quality parameters like sodium adsorption ratio, soluble sodium percentage, residual sodium carbonat [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (527 K)   April 26, 2017     74 Downloads    957 Views

Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2016

Open Access
Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) involves creating network of everyday items embedded with electronics, software and network connectivity. For any technology to be successful and achieve widespread use, it needs to gain the trust of users by providing adequate security and privacy assurance. Some of the devices used by [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (262 K)   December 21, 2016     122 Downloads    1012 Views
Open Access
Mohsen Mohammadi Khyareh
Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is examining the dynamics of electricity demand in the Iranian agricultural sector paper using empirical evidence over the period 2003-2014. The paper uses Panel cointegration test and Fully Modified Ordinary Least Squares method to determine the long run relationship between agricultural elec [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (374 K)   December 26, 2016     133 Downloads    1095 Views
Open Access
HAN Min-qiang, LI Ying
Abstract: Ordos Basin is a large Mesozoic continental basin superimposed on the Paleozoic cratonic terrace of North China. Mesozoic Era is an important transformation phase for Ordos Basin. The studies of Ordos Basin made by predecessors are centered on the west of the basin, and little studies involving the south of the basin, pheno [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (899 K)   December 26, 2016     96 Downloads    1088 Views
Open Access
Wen-Jin Ma, Xue-Feng Chen, Wen-Jin Lou, Huan Liu, Bo Wang, Qian Wu, Yu Zhao, Tao Peng, Peng Chen
Abstract: An effective method for high purity genomic DNA extraction from N. flagelliforme, which was four steps including 1) the obtaining of pure cultured cells of N. flagelliforme by liquid culture, 2) the cleaning of cells by the cleaning solution, 3) disruption of cell walls by the glass homogenizer, and 4) precipitation of poly [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (576 K)   December 26, 2016     133 Downloads    1116 Views
Open Access
Md. Mahi Imam Mollah, Md. Mahbubar Rahman, Soyema Khatun, Mukta Mala
Abstract: The study was conducted at the experimental field of entomology department, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University, Gazipur, Bangladesh during March to July 2009 in order to know the insect pest complex found in heat tolerant year round country bean (IPSA Seem 2) field during summer season. During the stu [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (214 K)   January 11, 2017     99 Downloads    1041 Views
Open Access
Vanitha.M, Joseph Thatheyus.A
Abstract: PHYSICOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND PLANKTON ASSEMBLAGES OF SATHIYAR RIVER IN MADURAI DISTRICT Vanitha.M1 and Joseph Thatheyus.A2 1 Department of Zoology, SBK College, Aruppukottai, Tamil nadu, India.2 PG & Research Department of Zoology, The American College, Madur [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (270 K)   January 11, 2017     86 Downloads    1025 Views
Open Access
A. Rafidah, A. Nurulhuda, Y. Suhaila
Abstract: One of the important concepts in management and business is service quality. Service quality in hospitals should be directed towards the satisfaction of patients. By using two public hospitals in Johor Bahru as case studies, this paper want to compare the quality of services provided by two public hospitals in Johor Bahru. [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (240 K)   January 11, 2017     68 Downloads    940 Views
Open Access
Abaas MalekMohammadi, Eskandar Rastegar-Pouyani, Fatemeh Todehdehghan
Abstract: Gloydius halys caucasicus (Nikolsky 1916) is a venomous viper, distributed in China, N Iran, S/SW Russia, Kazakhstan (between Volga and Ural River), Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, E Afghanistan, Mongolia and Turkmenistan. This viper is biomedical and economically important snake in the Iran. Data presented here, is on [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (761 K)   January 12, 2017     95 Downloads    887 Views
Open Access
Eneji, Chris-Valentine Ogar, Eneji, Joyce Ekor Ogar, Ngoka, V.N., Abang, Moses
Abstract: This study took a cursory look at the attitude of the residents of Calabar South, Nigeria towards waste management and disposal and its effects on the health status of these residents. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study, the sample for the study comprised of traders, farmers, civil and public servants among [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (324 K)   January 13, 2017     103 Downloads    1262 Views
Open Access
Eneji, J.E.O., Eneji, C.V.O., Ngoka, V.N., Tangban, E. A
Abstract: Making the choices of feeding the new infant of HIV+ mothers is influenced by a lot of factors the purpose of this paper is to take an in-depth examination of some sociodemographic factors influencing the choices of infant feeding options among HIV+ mothers in two health facilities: General Hospital Ogoja and Roman Catholic [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (372 K)   January 13, 2017     87 Downloads    1111 Views

Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2016

Open Access
Gergana Desheva, Bozhidar Kyosev
Abstract: The knowledge about of genetic diversity of einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum L.) genotypes is a key to reliable and sustainable production of the food crops adapted to diverse conditions. Twenty two einkorn accessions from the National genebank of Bulgaria were carried out in the experimental field of IPGR-Sadovo, Bulgari [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (262 K)   September 27, 2016     2330 Downloads    12608 Views
Open Access
M. A. El-Badry, Mohamed Ali El-Badry Hafez Amin
Abstract: The rhizosphere microbes play an important role in improving medicinal values of medicinal plants. The role of microbes in plant growth, nutrient availability, disease resistance, yield and quality of medicinal compounds is demonstrated in medicinal plants. There are increasing interests in the research of the interaction b [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (2937 K)   October 1, 2016     274 Downloads    1182 Views
Open Access
Sabah Said Razouki, Ph.D., Dipl.-Ing., CEng., AM.ASCE, Saad Yousif, Ph.D., M.Sc. Senior Lecturer
Abstract: Presented in this paper is a new algorithm based on matrix algebra for determining turning movements at special road junctions in which certain movements within the junction are prohibited. This is achieved by developing mathematical models based on continuity of flow and the fact that the number of linearly independent eq [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (469 K)   October 13, 2016     229 Downloads    1051 Views
Open Access
Binang W.B, Ansa J.E.O., Shiyam J.O., Ntia, J. D. and Ittah, M. A.
Abstract: Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) being a staple food crop for millions of people particularly in sub Sahara Africa is considered to have a high potential for biofortification with micronutrients, but research information on how fertilization with iodine influences its growth an yield, as well as accumulation of iodine in [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (463 K)   October 13, 2016     296 Downloads    1320 Views
Open Access
Macauley A. Ittah, Walter B. Binang, John O. Shiyam, Paul O. Idu
Abstract: The experiment analyzed the genetic variation in morphological traits in x - ray irradiated groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) to assess adaptation to humid environment. Seeds of four soybean varieties; MS – 54 – 76, ICGV – SM – 42, RMP – 12 and SAMNUT 21, were exposed to six levels of x - ray irradiation; 0, 40, 60, 80, 100 a [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (519 K)   October 13, 2016     226 Downloads    1319 Views
Open Access
José Javier Martín, Ezzeddine Saadaoui, Emilio Cervantes
Abstract: Seed shape quantification is an important tool in taxonomy and biodiversity studies. Seed images are compared with geometric figures and percent of identity is obtained (J index). Seed images of Arabidopsis and model legumes (Lotus and Medicago) adjust well to a cardioid allowing studies of shape variation in development an [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (589 K)   October 13, 2016     270 Downloads    1247 Views
Open Access
Shiyam, JO, Nkor, NN, Binang, WB, Effa, EB
Abstract: A factorial field experiment was conducted in 2014 at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Department of Crop Science, University of Calabar located in the coastal rainforest zone of southeastern Nigeria on coordinates 050 32’ and 040 27’N ; 070 15’ and 090 28’E with an altitude of 37 m above sea level. The experimental fa [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (240 K)   October 22, 2016     22178 Downloads    12527 Views
Open Access
Shiyam, JO, Binang, WB, Obiefuna, JC
Abstract: A potted experiment was conducted in the greenhouse unit of the Department of Crop Science, University of Calabar, Nigeria to determine the suckering capacity of different sizes of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merrill) crown suckers using different potting substrates. Three sizes of the crown suckers (Whole, ½, ¼ and 1/8) [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (285 K)   October 22, 2016     203 Downloads    1093 Views
Open Access
Vanitha.M, Joseph Thatheyus.A
Abstract: Water is an important natural resource on earth. It is necessary for all living organisms, ecological systems, human health, food production and economic development. Water can be obtained from a number of sources, among which are streams, lakes, rivers, ponds, rain, springs, and wells. The ensuring of good quality drinki [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (247 K)   October 30, 2016     179 Downloads    1132 Views
Open Access
Chen Zhu, Yue Jingjing, Hu Hongxiang, Yan Ya’nan, Di Yunfei
Abstract: It’s adopted the method of field experiments studied the effects of straw incorporation and reduction of chemical fertilizer on soil nutrients and crop yield, through the treatments of no fertilizer + straw (NS), optimized fertilization with straw to field the full amount (SF), optimization by providing optimization of biol [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (370 K)   November 17, 2016     201 Downloads    1197 Views
Article Open Access
Effects of Cemented Porous Media on Temporal Mixing Behavior of Conservative Solute Transport
by Zhi Dou, Xueyi Zhang, Zhou Chen, Yun Yang, Chao Zhuang and Chenxi Wang
Genes 2019, 10(6), 439; https://doi.org/10.3390/genes10060439 (registering DOI) - 9 June 2019
Abstract Assistance dog training programs can see as many as 60% of their trainees dismissed. Many training programs utilize behavioral assays prior to admittance to identify likely successful candidates, yet such assays can be insconsistent. Recently, four canine retrotransposon mobile element insertions (MEIs) in [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (641 K)   June 4, 2019     40 Downloads    145 Views   
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