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Recently Published Papers
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Cüneyt Arslan, Sebahattin Gürmen, Fatma Arslan, Ayşe Gamze Onuk Elçin
Abstract: Turkey has a 6% share in the world of chromite mining and ferrochromium is the most important product in exports. The electrowinning of chromium metal follows the dissolution of chromium from chromite or high-carbon ferrochrome after its separation from gangue and metallic impurities. Although ferrochrome was found to be th
Abstract       References PDF (1789625 k) 89 Downloads     1085 Views     DOI: 10.54647/metallurgical45024
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Ramachandra Canumalla
Abstract: Several reviews have been written on various classes of titanium alloys including the high temperature titanium alloys. However, there is a gap in comprehensively putting together the research efforts on this important topic of low tensile ductility at room temperature in this class of high temperature titanium alloys used
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Zhang Yawei, Zhang Shixiao, Lu Xudong
Abstract: Stellite 6B superalloy is widely used in the harsh industrial environment, because of excellent wear characteristics, hot hardness, good corrosion resistance, and superior mechanical properties. Hot compression tests were performed on Stellite 6B alloy to study high temperature dynamic recrystallization behavior during ther
Abstract       References PDF (1425922 k) 224 Downloads     1635 Views     DOI:
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Christopher Lavers, Alistair Cree, David Jenkins, Nasih Salah, Matthew Findlay, Ian Hooper
Abstract: Optical sensing modes such as Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) are here applied to the detection surface induced processes and surface corrosion. Our recent studies have investigated the noble metals: silver, copper and gold. We present here results for silver sputter deposited films, with a sputter deposited chromium adhesi
Abstract       References PDF (3772416 k) 312 Downloads     3358 Views     DOI:
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Sergio Villanueva B., Ishikawa S., Yamamoto Kaoru, Miyahara Hirofumi, Ogi Keisaku
Abstract: Typical Ni-hard type cast iron for hot strip milling rolls contains 3.37%C, 0.90% Si, 4.26%Ni, 1.87% Cr, and 0.55% Mo to crystallize a large amount of ledeburite and a small amount of graphite to achieve a good performance in hot milling of steel strip. Nb, Ta and V up to 2.0 mass % were added to the cast iron to distribute
Abstract       References PDF (5841920 k) 332 Downloads     3458 Views     DOI:
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Hossein Aghajani, Jalil Vahdati Khaki, Masoud Goudarzi, Naser Hosseini
Abstract: Reverberatory furnace slag is a material that is created from metal smelting processes and it is usually assumed as a waste material in these processes. In this research, hydrometallurgical extraction of copper from Sarcheshmeh reverberatory furnace slag has been investigated. Firstly, studies were carried out to determine
Abstract       References PDF (753752 k) 435 Downloads     4147 Views     DOI:
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Ibrayev I.K., Ibrayeva O.T., Zhaksybayeva G. Sh.
Abstract: elaboration of an effective system of pollution sources operational monitoring and taking forehanded warning and correcting measures in order to prevent excessive emissions and pollutants discharge.
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