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Recently Published Papers
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Hubert M. Quinn
Abstract: The Navier-Stokes equation is generally considered the ultimate mathematical expression for the dictates of the Laws of Nature which pertain to transport phenomena in the field of fluid dynamics. It is written and typically discussed, however, in the form and jargon of advanced mathematics. This makes it very difficult for
Abstract       References PDF (20090232 k) 67 Downloads     34378 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mechanics130034
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Bayu E. Gustyawan, Gunawan Nugroho, Harsono Hadi
Abstract: Heat Exchanger has an important role in industry for successfull processes. The researches of heat exchanger focus on enhancement of heat transfer coefficient. Meanwhile the minimum pressure drop is also required to guarantee the subsequent process. Generally, those to requirements ae satisfied by the configuration of helic
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P.R. Andronov, S.V. Guvernyuk, G.Ya. Dynnikova
Abstract: There is solved numerically the conjugate problem of the oscillations of the axisymmetric ellipsoids, fixed at the end of the elastic spring, in the space, filled with the incompressible and viscous fluid. There is used the non-grid method of the viscous vortex domains. There are shown the boundaries of usefulness for the s
Abstract       References PDF (1232896 k) 305 Downloads     18537 Views     DOI:
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Sergey M. Afonin
Abstract: Structural-parametric models, parametric structural schematic diagrams, transfer functions of electromagnetoelastic actuators for nano- and micromanipulators are obtained. Effects of geometric and physical parameters of electromagnetoelastic actuators and external load on its dynamic characteristics are determined. For calc
Abstract       References PDF (621056 k) 3842 Downloads     69293 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mechanics13002
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S. B. Kulkarni
Abstract: Exact solution of an unsteady flow of elastico-viscous fluid through a porous media in a tube of hyperbolic cross section under the influence of magnetic field and constant pressure gradient has been obtained in this paper. Initially, the flow is generated by a constant pressure gradient. After attaining the steady state, t
Abstract       References PDF (411136 k) 423 Downloads     19036 Views     DOI:
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Md. Mamun Molla, S. Ghosh Moulic, Lun-Shin Yao
Abstract: Fully-developed forced convection heat transfer of a pseudoplastic fluid in a uniformly heated circular tube has been studied. The model used is a modification of the two-parameter Ostwald-de Waele power law, which correctly represents the upper and lower regions of Newtonian behavior shown by pseudoplastic or shear-thinnin
Abstract       References PDF (6894080 k) 438 Downloads     19615 Views     DOI: