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Recently Published Papers
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Mariam Erradi
Abstract: Congenital tuberculosis is rare and fatal. The delay in diagnosis is very common in most cases. We report a premature infant born after 30 weeks of gestation; the diagnosis was suspected in front of otorrhea at 5 weeks of life with the announcement of the death of the mother following multifocal tuberculosis. The mycobacter
Abstract       References PDF (197202 k) 8 Downloads     475 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321239
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Marina Gabrielle Epstein, Gabriel Garbato, Gabriel Maccapani, Camille Diem Benatti, Ivan Carlos Batista, Luis Henrique Barreto Chaves, Amanda Domit Dall'Alba
Abstract: Achalasia is an esophageal motor disorder characterized by the failure of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) to relax and the loss of peristalsis in the esophageal body. Treatment options aim to alleviate the elevated pressure of the LES and include direct botulinum toxin injection, pneumatic dilation, per-oral endoscopic
Abstract       References PDF (915298 k) 16 Downloads     352 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321234
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Min Liu, Rong Wang, Chun-Yue Yu, Bi-Ying Shi, Shan-Shan Shi, Ya-Nan Sun, Chun-Ming Zou, Qi Wang, Tai-Ming Wei, Te-li Zhang
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the effect of Saikosaponin a (SSa) in a model of depression induced by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) and to investigate whether SSa plays an antidepressant role by regulating the BDNF-TrkB-CREB signaling pathway. A mouse model of depression was established and treated with different
Abstract       References PDF (1027975 k) 14 Downloads     302 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321232
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Thiago D. Gennari, Marilia O. C. D. Leal, Rubens G. Teixeira, Claudio R. P. Jodas
Abstract: PURPOSE: This article aimed to report a clinical case of a patient, a 26-year-old, caucasian man, who sought surgical treatment due to esthetic and functional complaints related to facial features. METHODS: The initial diagnosis was a standard dentofacial deformity, short face, mandibular hypoplasia, deep mento labial sulcu
Abstract       References PDF (443631 k) 31 Downloads     305 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321223
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Akeem Opeyemi AKINBODE, Basira Rabiu IDRIS
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Food safety affects everyone worldwide. Individuals and the public can experience health problems when proper food safety measures are compromised in any country. Food production needs to be conducted safely to optimize individual and public health. Food safety entails the protection of food supply chai
Abstract       References PDF (46864 k) 74 Downloads     728 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321206
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Ali H. EL Masri
Abstract: Elevated blood pressure and consequently systemic hypertension (HTN) are common. HTN was divided into either essential, which counts for more than 90% of cases (where the patient needs a medication for life), and secondary (less than 10% of cases). In clinical practice, when we Look at blood pressure as a vital sign, the el
Abstract       References PDF (78562 k) 72 Downloads     614 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321205
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Tandilava R.Z., Tebidze T.I., Bakhtadze T.I, Tandilava Z.R.
Abstract: We describe the clinical case of a 9-year-old girl operated for diaphragmatic hernia. The probable cause of the diaphragm defect in the girl is a blunt abdominal injury with the subsequent formation of a false diaphragmatic hernia with clinic of acute respiratory failure, making it difficult for early diagnosis. A complex o
Abstract       References PDF (901000 k) 48 Downloads     1262 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321182
Open Access
Alejandro L. Villalobos-Rodríguez, Rafael del Carmen Cárdenas-Núñez, Júder Narváez-Palacios, Yadira Hernández-Fuentes, Corina Bibiano-Rodríguez, Martín de Jesús Novelo-Salazar, Arturo Alfaro-Palma, Guillermo Padrón-Arredondo
Abstract: INTRODUCTION. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of obesity worldwide has nearly tripled since 1975. According to 2016 data, 39% of the global adult population was overweight, and 13% was obese. A recent study, including 20 European countries, concluded that 53% of adults were overweight
Abstract       References PDF (24572 k) 63 Downloads     598 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321176
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Mojtaba Maleki Delarestaghi, Edris Behboudi, Ali Omidvari
Abstract: Chondroid lipoma is a rare benign soft tissue neoplasm and there is no reported case of this entity in the nasal region. In this study we discuss a 39 years old female came for rhinoplasty. We found a mass on the cartilaginous dorsum with pathologic report suggestive for chondroid lipoma. In the other regions of body comple
Abstract       References PDF (912667 k) 64 Downloads     568 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321181
Open Access
Changzhi Xu, Yanhua Yi, Zhizhi Xie, Donglin Zhu, Zhu Wang, Yun Xi
Abstract: Background: The association of lipid profile with decompensation in patients with liver cirrhosis has not been clarified. The present study aimed to investigate the impact of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection on the lipid profile in decompensated patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis.
Methods: A total of 1
Abstract       References PDF (91007 k) 55 Downloads     505 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321189