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SCIREA Journal of Biology is an international, scientific peer-reviewed open access journal published online by SCIREA.

Open Access free for readers, with article processing charges (APC) paid by authors or their institutions.

High visibility: Indexed in the Google Scholar and other databases.

Rapid publication: manuscripts are peer-reviewed and a first decision provided to authors approximately 20 days after submission; acceptance to publication is undertaken in 5 days.

Recognition of reviewers: reviewers who provide timely, thorough peer-review reports receive vouchers entitling them to a discount on the APC of their next publication in any SCIREA journal, in appreciation of the work done.

Latest Articles
Open Access
Jameela Al-Ghanim, Fatimah Al-Hassawi, Jiwan S. Sidhu, Mohammad Al-Foudari, Amani Al-Othman
Abstract: Flaxseed being a useful source of ω-3 fatty acid (alpha linolenic acid, ALA)has been used as whole flaxseed and crushed flaxseed to develop acceptable quality functional food products, namely pan bread and Arabic bread. The addition of whole and crushed flaxseed 0%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% in all of these products with white wheat f [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (150 K)   August 22, 2023    8 Downloads   176 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180309
Open Access
Nguyen, Luong Hieu Hoa, Ngo, Thi Phuong Dung, Le, Quynh Loan, Nguyen, Hoang Dung
Abstract: The chemical pesticides being used today have adverse effects on human health and the environment. So ,they are strictly controlled, especially for export agricultural products. Since then, the search for pesticides derived from natural plants to replace chemical drugs on the market have extensively done. In this study, the [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (252 K)   April 17, 2023    30 Downloads   441 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180286
Open Access
Jean Baptiste Hzounda Fokou, Giselle Marguerite Etame Loe, Clive Jezeh Ngueguim, Francine Kouemo, Abi Edmund Otang, Guy Pascal Ngaba, Jules Clement Assob
Abstract: Purpose: Most antifungals have drawbacks, including toxicity, efficacy, and cost, and their misuse has led to the emergence of resistant strains. Therefore, more is needed. This study aimed to evaluate the antifungal properties of bacterial endophytic extracts on Candida spp.
Materials and Methods: Biolog [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (709 K)   April 9, 2023    32 Downloads   375 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180278
Open Access
Jianghua Zhou
Abstract: According to the new findings of the experiment, the author proposed the "New Theoretical System of Physics in the 21st Century". This article continues to carry forward this innovative spirit, and proposes new strategic ideas for the research and disclosure of the "formation mechanism" and "treatment plan" of COVID-19, AID [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (260 K)   March 14, 2023    33 Downloads   505 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180275
Open Access
Ting Lu
Abstract: The skin care program uses active ingredients recommended by doctors who treat skin and mucosal diseases (including aging) and should pay more attention to symptom reversing and preventing chronic inflammation. This adjustment of treatment and prevention strategy is necessary, because chronic inflammation seems to be closel [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (185 K)   February 26, 2023    33 Downloads   424 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180273
Open Access
HE Li-bin, LUO Hui-yu, ZHENG Le-yun
Abstract: In this study, we determined the complete mitochondrial genome of the Picasso panda clownfish for the first time. The length of the whole mitogenome is 16,652 bp long and contained 13 protein-coding genes, 2 ribosomal RNA genes, 22 transfer RNA genes, 2 non-coding regions and 1 control region(D-lop). The mitochondrial [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (235 K)   February 21, 2023    16 Downloads   349 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology18255
Open Access
Yung‐Tsung Cheng, Cheng‐Chi Tai, Willy Chou, Jiun‐Hung Lin
Abstract: Aging society is currently the common environmental phenomenon in developed countries. The occurrence of chronic diseases is rising with increasing elderly population; degenerative knee arthritis is one of them to feel pain when knees are under load. In addition to detection through doctors’ inquiry and palpation, the assis [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (719 K)   February 1, 2023    25 Downloads   391 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180271
Open Access
CAO Wen Li, Xuwei, Wu Jun-Feng, Wu Gui-Ping, Wu Li-Juan, ShenNing, GAI Xiao Yan
Abstract: The obstructive pulmonary disease tuberculosis B (tuberculosis obstructive pulmonary called TOPD disease) in elderly patients with tuberculosis is a common and early prevention and treatment, the latter to irreversible persistent airflow limitation and accompanied by chronic airway inflammation, progressive misdiagnosed, TO [...] Read more.
Abstract   PDF (391 K)   January 15, 2023    23 Downloads   467 Views   DOI: 10.54647/biology180269
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