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Dejan Raković, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia

We hereby focus on the quantum-holographic bases of psychosomatics and spirituality. This is of special importance due to the widespread use of integrative medicine in developed countries – as contemporary research of psychosomatic diseases suggests necessity of holistic methods (focusing on the body's acupuncture system and consciousness), oriented to treating man as a whole and not of disease as a symptom of disordered whole, implying their macroscopic quantum origin – with significant global psychosomatic implications of the necessity of including three front lines of integrative psychosomatic medicine. The aforementioned studies are in line with re-awakened interest in the scientific study of consciousness in recent decades (with indications of appearance of the grand synthesis of the two modes of knowledge, indirectly-rational and directly-mystical, in the framework of a quantum-holographic paradigm) – where the role of each individual becomes indispensable due to the influence and care for collective mental environment, which is fundamental question of mental hygiene and civic decency, or spiritual and civic morality. It should be noted that three essential aspects of any comparative study of science and religion are hereby included: utilitarianism and / or limitations of psychosomatic transpersonal practices of tribal traditions, meditation practices of the East, and prayer practices of the West, in healing or salvation of souls; epistemology of the two modes of knowledge, indirectly-rational and directly-mystical; and phenomenology of transpersonal-mystical, near-death, out-of-body, and extrasensory states of consciousness.

psychosomatics & spirituality, quantum-informational medicine: acupuncture-based & consciousness-based integrative medicine, quantum-holographic informatics: two modes of knowledge, comparative exploration of science & religion.

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[ 134 ] It should be emphasized that many transpersonal phenomena related to consciousness and psychosomatic bioenergy-correction are phenomenologically well documented, and that their physical explanation should be sought on the very border of the current scientific paradigm. In the framework of our plausibly generalized quantum-holographic / quantum-gravitational theoretical framework of consciousness and psychosomatics they are of quantum-gravitational nature in the space-time transcending highly-noninertial transitional states of consciousness [8,10-15,17] (from high-dielectric bodily into low-dielectric out-of-body states!) equivalent-to-strong-gravitation (according to very general Einstein's Principle of equivalence of inertial and gravitational accelerations!) manifested by locally generated "wormhole" space-time tunnels (stabilized by so called exotic matter (vacuum fluctuations in strongly curved space-time of "wormhole" tunnels [135]) with anti-gravity effects – indeed observed in transpersonal psychokinetic manifestations of vital energy [11,42,58-60,82,93,94], http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faUJAgvvV_c). The same theoretical framework also suggests a physical basis for ad hoc von Neumann's projection postulate (on micro-quantum scale), to explain the quantum-mechanical wave function collapse (via local quantum-gravitationally-induced "wormhole" tunnels in highly-noninertial quantum-measurement-like situations equivalent-to-strong-gravitation (in accordance with Einstein's Principle of equivalence!); the question of how it is possible that these highly-noninertial microparticle processes with inevitable opening of miniature "wormhole" tunnels were not taken into account within quantum mechanics which is nevertheless extremely accurate theory(?) – can be answered as they were(!) but implicitly in the framework of von Neumann's projection postulate (which is on the deeper quantum-gravitational-level!) [8,10-15,17].
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