Investigation of Shear Walls Openings on the Performance of Seismic Loads for irregular Reinforced Concrete Structures on sloped terrain

Volume 8, Issue 3, June 2023     |     PP. 99-119      |     PDF (1629 K)    |     Pub. Date: August 22, 2023
DOI: 10.54647/cebc560123    77 Downloads     77870 Views  


M. Y. Laissy, Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, University of Prince Mugrin, Saudi Arabia.

Shear walls are very stiff and have high strength, making them helpful in many structural engineering applications, particularly for sustaining significant horizontal and weight loads. Shear walls in the context of irregular reinforced concrete constructions might include openings such as windows and doors to meet appropriate functional needs. The ETABS software was used in this study to evaluate ground storey plus ten typical storeys with shear walls, with and without opening. Seismic research was performed on numerous models to determine factors such as shear forces, drift, and storey displacement. According to dynamic analysis, models with no openings outperformed others, which is consistent with previous research in the subject. The displacement of models with openings at the roof level was 24.852 mm, whereas that of models without openings was around 5.151 mm. As a result, it is critical to examine effect of the opening on the seismic behavior of shear walls during the design process.

seismic Loads; shear walls; opening; Response spectrum analysis; ETABS, Sloped terrain.

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M. Y. Laissy, Investigation of Shear Walls Openings on the Performance of Seismic Loads for irregular Reinforced Concrete Structures on sloped terrain , SCIREA Journal of Civil Engineering and Building Construction . Volume 8, Issue 3, June 2023 | PP. 99-119. 10.54647/cebc560123


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