Worldwide Indicators for Quality of Life: the Ten Leading Countries in the View of the Peoples and the Measurements of Experts around 2020

Volume 7, Issue 5, October 2023     |     PP. 368-383      |     PDF (695 K)    |     Pub. Date: October 7, 2023
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Wolfgang Glatzer, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Quality of life has been measured in recent times in most countries of the world. In earlier times the GDP was the professional measure to describe the economic success of a nation. This measurement of economic performance is now not accepted as a sufficient measure for wellbeing and quality of life. Meanwhile there are alternatives available like the Human Development Index (UN), the Better Life Index (OECD),and the Weighted Index of Social Progress (WISP). Above the subjective measurement of wellbeing and quality of life were introduced in many countries worldwide. The various indicators for quality of life show huge inequalities between the countries in the world. Among the ten leading countries in the world the North and the Middle of Europe were most often at the top.of the newrecently established indicators. People were despite their relative satisfation ratings also reporting significant amounts of hardship and misery in areas like peronal health, standard of living and unemployment. Around 2020 the countries were confronted with new worldwide challenges; the Covid 19-pandemie came over the world, the Russion-Ukrainian war was taking place, the climate change grew to a threat of living conditions and sexual harrasment received perception as a serious topic. The countries were different succesful in the fight against these challenges. Nevertheless the inequality between high and low statisfaction with quality of life in Europe and abroad remained rather stable.
People and experts use different measures about the state of quality of life and the countries meet different decisions about their development paths. North and middle European countries are worldwide leading in the creation of good societies according to the actuel indicators of quality of life and a challenge to improve the levels of living in the less developed countries.

Quality of Life, Human Development Index, Better Life Index, Weigthed Index of Social Progress, Perceived Quality of Life, Happiness

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