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Minimax Estimator on Binomial Distribution

Volume 7, Issue 4, August 2022    |    PP. 60-66    |PDF (1188 K)|    Pub. Date: July 31, 2022
DOI: 10.54647/mathematics11340    16 Downloads     411 Views  

Zul Amry, Department of Mathematics, State University of Medan, Indonesia
Sisti Nadia Amalia, Department of Mathematics, State University of Medan, Indonesia

This paper discusses the minimax estimator of parameter for binomial distribution. The likelihood function is constructed based on the probability function of the Binomial distribution. The posterior distribution is obtained from the joint of the likelihood function and prior distribution. Furthermore, the Bayes estimator is obtained based on the posterior mean and provide the constancy of the risk of Bayes the minimax estimator can be concluded.

Bayes theorem, binomial distribution, minimax estimator

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Zul Amry, Sisti Nadia Amalia, Minimax Estimator on Binomial Distribution, SCIREA Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 7 , No. 4 , 2022 , pp. 60 - 66 . https://doi.org/10.54647/mathematics11340


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