Dynamic Game Analysis in the New Land Conflicts under the Background of Urbanization

Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2023     |     PP. 1-20      |     PDF (477 K)    |     Pub. Date: February 21, 2017
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Zaohong Zhou, School of Tourism and Urban Management , Jiangxi University of Finance &Economics ,Nanchang,330032, P. R. China
Jiayi Wang, School of Tourism and Urban Management , Jiangxi University of Finance &Economics ,Nanchang,330032, P. R. China

In the accelerating process of urbanization and social transition era, industrialization, urbanization and construction of urban-rural integration also inevitably leads to the land expropriation, land conflicts have become important issues in the development process. Application of game theory in this article, for an in-depth analysis of forming mechanism of land, building a conflict model of land expropriation, analysis of farmers ' interests in the land, local governments and the Central Government body of the game, revealing the internal mechanism of the land with a view to provide guidance and practical support for current land expropriation. Research shows that effective conflict management is the key to reform land requisition of land expropriation system design. Thus, the promotion of land expropriation order needs to perfect the land expropriation law and procedures, establish a local government land acquisition and supervision and evaluation mechanism, improving the compensation criterion for land expropriation, land arbitration dispute resolution bodies. It will be good for current science to resolve land conflicts, will promote the urbanization process in new harmony and stability in an orderly manner, can effectively promote the harmonious development of economy and society.

land of conflict; dynamic games; new urbanization

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Zaohong Zhou, Jiayi Wang, Dynamic Game Analysis in the New Land Conflicts under the Background of Urbanization , SCIREA Journal of Geosciences. Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2023 | PP. 1-20.


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