Influence of psychological disposition on IPM adoption behaviour among cocoa farmers in Osun state, Nigeria.

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Uwagboe, E. O., Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, P.M.B.5244, Ibadan
Meludu, N. T., Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan, Ibadan. Nigeria.
Famuyiwa, B. S., Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, P.M.B.5244, Ibadan

A quantum of the world’s potential crop production, including cocoa, is lost annually due to the effect of pest infestation. Integrated Pest Management must be developed that are effective in the long-term, cost effective and not detrimental to human and environmental health. Non adoption of IPM led farmers into a “pesticide treadmill” as farmers sprayed more pesticides without achieving the desired results. Adoption and impact assessment studies in IPM have had to focus on defining IPM without addressing the determinant of adoption behaviour. Hence, this study investigated the psychological disposition as a determinant of adoption behaviour among farmers. This study was carried out in Osun state in Tropical Rainforest zone. Cocoa is produced in seven states in this zone namely; Ondo, Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Edo, Ekiti and Abia states. Osun state was purposively selected due to the training conducted by IITA in the state. Systematic random sampling technique was used to select 107 respondents out of 1073 trained respondents. A structured questionnaire was used to elicit information from the IPM trained cocoa farmers in relation to the study objectives. Chi-square was used to test hypotheses1, while multiple regression model was used to predict some selected variables on adoption behaviour.Age and farming experience of majority of the respondents were 41-60 and 11-20 years, respectively. Most (69.2%) of the respondents were males, married (91.5%), had formal education (71.0%). Most (60.8%) of the respondents had high risk orientation, majority (47.7%) had medium level of achievement motivation while majority (77.6%) had high level of innovation proneness. Farm experience (β=0.021), Risk orientation (β=0.027), Achievement motivation (β=0.021) and Innovation proneness (β=0.019) had positive and significant contribution to IPM adoption behaviour. Adoption behaviour was determined by farm experience, risk orientation, achievement motivation and innovation proneness in the state.

Integrated pest management, Cocoa farmers, Farmers Field School, Osun state.

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Uwagboe, E. O., Meludu, N. T., Famuyiwa, B. S., Influence of psychological disposition on IPM adoption behaviour among cocoa farmers in Osun state, Nigeria. , SCIREA Journal of Sociology. Volume 1, Issue 1, December 2016 | PP. 1-14.


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