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Sibylle Scholtz, Lee MacMorris, Achim Langenbucher
Abstract:Something no one believed would happen today: a war of aggression in the mid Europe. On February 24, 2022, we all learned better. Since then, Russia has been waging a brutal war against Ukraine and its people. Instead of submitting, Ukraine is fighting with all its might. Not only militarily, but also medically and scientif [...] Read more.
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Yujian Ping, Akoto Emmanuel, Huli Ren
Abstract:A water hammer experimental setup consisting of a 20m long pipe having 8 U-shaped 180¬0 bends is investigated for hydraulic transient. Experimental results are then compared to numerical results simulated by the Method of Characteristics (MOC) and the Wave Characteristic Method (WCM). It is found that one-phase flow one-di [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1501 K)     7 Downloads    86 Views    DOI: 10.54647/hydraulic57030
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H. Van Cong, K. C. Ho-Huynh Thi, C. T. Huynh-Pivet, A. Pivet, P. Damien
Abstract:In the n^+(p^+)-p(n) crystalline GaAs-junction solar cells, by basing on a same treatment method, and for a same heavy (low) doping effect, as those given in our recent paper (RP) [1], but using now a new expression, obtained for the relative dielectric constant \varepsilon\left(r_{d\left(a\right)}\right), determined exactl [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (1346 K)     13 Downloads    137 Views    DOI: 10.54647/physics14490
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H. Van Cong, K. C. Ho-Huynh Thi, R. Brouzet, P. Blaise, B. Zeghmati
Abstract:In the n^+(p^+)-p(n) crystalline Si-junction solar cells, by basing on a same treatment method, and for a same heavy (low) doping effect, as those given in our recent paper (RP) [1], but using now a new expression, obtained for the relative dielectric constant \varepsilon\left(r_{d\left(a\right)}\right), determined exactly [...] Read more.
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Joan Deniel-Rosanas, Jordi Prat-Quinzaños, Pere Roura-Poch, Maria-Àngels Casas-Capdevila, Victor Farré-Guerrero
Abstract:Background: The total cholesterol values ​​of the Spanish population are high. The Preventive Activities Programs developed are not being sufficiently effective in improving population cholesterolemia. The involvement of other elements of society (education, the media, the food industry, etc.) may be essential in con [...] Read more.
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Ángel Santillán
Abstract:Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic disease that appeared in Africa in the 1960 and the first case in a child in the Republic of Congo was reported in 1970.
In May 2022 the UK Health Security Agency reported several cases of Monkeypox.
On July 23, 2022, the WHO declared that it constitutes a Public Health Emergency of In [...] Read more.
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J. E. Onohwakpor
Abstract:The purpose of this study was to find out the ICT skill level among library professionals in Delta State University library. A structured questionnaire based on the objectives of the study was used to conduct the survey among 20 academic librarians, 16 senior librarians and 19 assistant librarians of the main campus library [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (187 K)     15 Downloads    103 Views    DOI: 10.54647/sociology84833
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Givishvili G.
Abstract:Empirical data in situ of recent years indicate that spacetime does not exist physically: they are not material - they do not have any of the characteristics inherent in material objects. At the same time, space-time is the most fundamental and universal mediator between all, without exception, material objects of Nature. I [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (337 K)     12 Downloads    64 Views    DOI: 10.54647/philosophy72069
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A.E. Umnov, E.A. Umnov
Abstract:The article considers a method for solving a nonlinear programming problem. This method uses special feedback functions that describe the relationship between direct variables and Lagrange multipliers. These relations are similar to the conditions of the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker theorem, but do not use inequalities in their notat [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (357 K)     9 Downloads    413 Views    DOI: 10.54647/mathematics11348
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Abdullah Azzam, Pamila Dembla
Abstract:The objective of this paper is to discuss the issues faced by the transgender community in Pakistan with a unique case study providing solutions to the problem. Two percent of the world’s population is transgender, and they face immense discrimination and violence. They are excluded from mainstream social, legal, and econom [...] Read more.
Abstract      ReferencesPDF (212 K)     7 Downloads    88 Views    DOI: 10.54647/management63102
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